Thursday, August 19, 2010

I never looked so good!

Look what surprise came in the mail last week. A neatly wrapped portrait of me done by Suzanne Berry!


Here it is!

Pencil on paper - 5" x 10" (image) - (11" x 14" final artwork)

Suzanne clearly used one of my previous blog profile pics as a reference.

If you look at the my Ugly self-portrait, you'll see I have issues with the way I look. But here she totally tweaked me in all the right places! In her drawing I'm more masculine, my hair is fuller, and my cheeks and jaw are nicely chiseled.

Now if I ever go to a plastic surgeon, I'm taking this portrait with me and saying, "Make me look like this!"

And I love the how the contour line leads down to her signature too.

I've been studying Suzanne's technique in the drawing. It's just light to dark values carefully blended with the white of the paper. Deceptively simple yet even holding it up close in my hands, I don't know how she did it.

Makes me realize I still have a lot to learn as an artist.

So what do I do with a drawing of me? I'm trying not focus on my image and instead looking at it as a work of art from a talented lady....which is the truth!

Thank you, Suzanne! It's an honor to own a Berry original!


Meeko Fabulous said...

I think it looks just like you! Very handsome drawing. :)

jason said...

It's beautiful!
Thank you by the way for your own lovely art! I just got it in the mail yesterday in fact.
It's sitting proudly on mantle.

MartininBroda said...

well, this is the handsome and full of character person you are, believe it or not

Mind Of Mine said...

Yeh, your ugly photo does not do you any justice. Looking at both your blog profile photo's I think you are very handsome.

I would.

We Blog Artists said...'s me...sorry I've been distant. I'm sorry to learn about the passing of your Uncle...that must have been and still is tough.

Back to this's great,it's YOU...or what we see of you. It must feel awesome to know people who would like to draw you...maybe you'll become the Male version of Frida Kahlo? Do you know HOW many artists draw that lady?

I know I keep threatening that I'm going to surprise you with a portrait...maybe I should!

HUGS...good to be back.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean, to me it's not tweaked at all, it's how I see you too. :-) How lovely of Suzanne to send it to you, it's a fabulous drawing!

Unknown said...

Awww, seriously you look stunning!

Randuwa said...

What a wonderful gift! Truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing beautiful man!

Manon said...

Wow!! It's a great portrait!! Love it!!

Bror said...

It's awesome! Wow

Summersheartjourney said...

What a great picture! Thanks for sharing it! Very talented woman!!

Dean Grey said...


It's great seeing you here!



Glad your Mail Art arrived!



I don't believe it! LOL


Mind of Mine!

I'm blushing now, Ian!



I apologize for not keeping up with your blog too, Char.

Me, the male Frida? LOL






How lovely of Suzanne indeed!


WannabeVirginia W.!

It's all just smoke and mirrors!



Yes, what a wonderful gift!






I know, right?



Suzanne is beyond talented. Check out her blog and see for yourself!


All of your enthusiastic comments are greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Great sketch! And you DO NOT look ugly in your "Ugly self-portrait" of before. I look at it and think you are opening yourself to expose what you are feeling on the inside to others. There's a certain honesty in that. I like honesty.

I felt that you have been very open and honest with your readers and we adore you for that.

I recently had a professional photo taken of myself. Although I do like it (and the air brushing...shshhshhsh!), it's so easy for me to critique the way I look.)

You are one of the top 5 blogs that I really look forward to reading anything new from you. You have a perspective unlike any other.

david said...

suzanne really captured the handsome and sweet boy i see in your photo everyday i check your blog for new posts...

- cheers... david

Sadami said...

Congrats, Dean!
Susanne's work just looks like you. Hang that work on a wall. When you feel life is tough, look at that work. Dean, live on. Life is full of wonder and joy.
Kind regards, Sadami

suzanneberry said...

you are too kind, thank you so much! i'm so glad you like it and you are that good looking so just accept it get on with it! :0)

Nik_TheGreek said...

That's really sweet...
It's a very nice drawing

Dean Grey said...


That's so nice of you to say, Corey!



Awww....I appreciate that!



I shall try to live on!



LOL, thank you again!



I agree with you!


Thanks to everyone for chiming in here!


Unknown said...

Wowza, that is fantastic -- excellent drawing of a handsome dude!

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting place you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Hilary Hakkinen

Unknown said...

It's fantastic! What a great gift!

Anonymous said...

Looking quite like Matt Damon in your photo!

WOL said...

You've been suffering from a diabolical combination of grief and "caregiver burnout." The stress of these past months has left you physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. You have given and given of your time, your energy and your self until the well is almost dry. It's time to give yourself permission to have time for yourself again. Your Uncle doesn't need you any more. You're the one who needs you now. Let yourself rest, coddle yourself, treat yourself kindly and gently, give yourself time (and permission!) to heal. Slowly, gradually, the well will begin to fill again. It's already starting to. Right now, you're still reeling from a serious life blow, but slowly, surely, things will settle back into equilibrium. The important thing is to stay focused on the now, on filling this moment with something good, with something real -- the sounds of favorite music, a present from a friend, the scent of growing things, the feel of a hug, a forkful of something tasty. As thoughts of your Uncle wash up onto the beach of your awareness, allow yourself to take a leisurely stroll along the surf line and pick up special ones to put in your mind's pocket and carry home with you. Keep them in a glass bowl out on your desk, where the sunlight can touch them, where your mind's eye can rest on them. In the quiet moments, reach into the bowl and pick one up. Hold it in the hands of your memory and feel its shape and textures. Cherish it. Namaste.

Bill said...

You look fine in your blog picture. You definitely don't need a plastic surgeon. An artist draws what the eye sees. Well, unless you're Picasso, and I think he needed some strong glasses.

Dean Grey said...


You're too kind!


Hilary (Anonymous)!

I'm glad you found me!



You took the words right out of my mouth!



You might need to get your eyes checked! But my aunt does often mention a similarity to Mr. Damon so who knows!



Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I shall heed your advice!

You're right, the well is filling again!



LOL, thanks for that!


I appreciate the kind words from all of you!


art carrée said...

wonderful portrait but I like your self portrait too, it shows you inner emotion at that time

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I saw this on Suzanne's blog - and ... no need to tell me who it was - I knew INSTANTLY! It IS you. Maybe a really *hot* version of you, but it's YOU. And she's an awesome artist - I wish I could draw like her, too. Frame it. Put it in your living room and DARE anyone to say it doesn't look like you!

Dean Grey said...

art carrée!

Yep, Roland, my self-portrait was supposed to capture my inner turmoil.



I'm definitely hanging onto it!


Thanks to the pair of you for sharing your thoughts on this portrait!


anna said...

So, I'm going to suggest you might have some conservative friends in your blog world. "Handsome"?!! Cause I'm looking at your profile pics thinking dang you're hot. And you make cool stuff. Which makes you double hot.
Just saying...

Dean Grey said...


That is quite the compliment!

Honestly....I just photograph well. I'd disappoint you in person I'm afraid!