Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giving thanks.

There have been a few bloggers who were gracious and generous enough to send me some things over these past several months. They really didn't have to but did it anyway.

In turn, I wanted to send a little something back their way.

A store-bought thank you card just wouldn't do so I created my own!

Watercolor paper was folded in half and I did an abstract painting on the front. This way they get a personalized message from me on the inside and a piece of art to frame on the outside!

It's been forever-and-a-day since I painted abstracts so it was like getting my feet wet all over again.

Here are the ones I'm sending out!

Watercolor with wax on watercolor paper - 3 1/2" x 4 3/4"

Watercolor with wax on watercolor paper - 3 1/2" x 4 3/4"

Watercolor with wax on watercolor paper - 3 1/2" x 4 3/4"

Watercolor with wax on watercolor paper - 3 1/2" x 4 3/4"

Which one(s) do YOU like best?

Wanting each painting to have its own unique look, I varied the application of paint as best I could. No two were to be alike!

Hope they like them!


Mike said...

Those are all so pretty and all so unique!

Aaron said...

they're all really different and i actually love all of them! wow.

i think it will really depends on the mood. at the moment, its cold and mellow so i like the last one, but im sure i will change my mind. they're all awesome!! :D LOVE IT!

Randuwa said...

The top and the bottom. Beautiful Dean! Bravo!

gbinwpb said...

Wow...that last one is amazing...how do I get one? I really really like that one.

naturgesetz said...

It's great to see that you're painting again. If you put anything along this line on e-bay, I'm definitely bidding.

I think you've succeeded very well in giving each of these four its own look while having a basic pattern of slightly curved broad diagonals with intersecting narrow lines.

Which do I like best? If I have to choose, I'd say the fourth one; but I like them all.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean, they are all beautiful. I'd love to hear how it's done with wax.

Anonymous said...

they are all wonderful...my favs are two and four.....beautiful.

Dean Grey said...


Glad you think so!



I think you're right about it depending on your mood.






Well, once I start listing paintings for sale on eBay again, you can get my art that way. (The link is on the left-hand column of my blog).



Yep, they all have a pattern to them yet each is unique in its own right.



I simply used a wax resist method, applying wax wherever I didn't want the paint to show through.



Thanks for letting me know!


Everyone's feedback on these paintings is greatly appreciated!


Bror said...

Second one for me.

Randuwa said...

Oh you sweet, naughty man! Now, you've got me blushing.... But I still like it both ways!

stanw said...

Agree, all are nice but I guess I favor the last one. Great clue about how you use wax.

Jane said...

I like that last one, watercolour and wax on paper.
It lookes like a shot of flowers then blurred for effect.

Anonymous said...

Those are cool. I like the first one, because I'm partial to burnt orange. It's one of my favorite colors.

Summersheartjourney said...

Great work! I love the colors!

Dean Grey said...








I like the last one too!



It looks like blurred floral pic, huh? Neat!


Corey (madtexter)!

The first one has a definite fall feel to it IMHO.



Glad you like them!


Thanks to all of you for your opinions!


artbyakiko said...

I love your abstract work! They are all so colorful and beautiful.
Dean, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

jason said...

they're all beautiful, Dean!
Impossible question. :)

AndyDrewby said...

I like them all!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I like them all... but my favorite is the top one, with the reds and yellows - it has such energy and FIRE!

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate that!









The top one does have a fiery feel to it, doesn't it?


It's always a pleasure hearing from the four of you!


dan said...

the first and the 3rd. nice job!

MartininBroda said...

I like the first because it is so luminous, and the second, because it has something mysterious.

Dave said...

Of course the fourth is the best! Thanks.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!



Good observations!



You're quite welcome!


I appreciate you three gentlemen stopping by!


Unknown said...

Before my forced retirement I told our HR Manager that I did not want a going away present. I had too much "stuff" at home. Subconsciously, I did not want a physical reminder of how shitty that place had become. I asked instead for them to do a donation to a local animal rescue place.

They sent out a message letting my co-workers know about my request and opened it to donations in lieu of gifts. I was surprised to learn they had over 30 people donate and that the donation was over $500.

I wanted to send each person a personalized card, but I have zero (actually less than zero) artistic skills. I decided to have a card made that had a photo of the cats that I had at the time. It was the only time I was able to get all of those cats together in a picture.

The front of the card said something like, "The cats and I thank you for your donation..." The inside of the card said, "... but the cats are cuter, so they're on this card."

The recipients liked their cards. I am sure the recipients liked the cards they received from you.

Dean Grey said...


I love that your coworkers came together and donated like that.