Friday, June 11, 2010

Let's go Hawks!....I guess.

"It's a good thing you don't work downtown anymore," my mom said earlier this morning. "Everyone's going to be down there for the parade."

"What's the parade for?" I asked.

My mother explained, "The Chicago Blackhawks. This is the first time they won the Stanley Cup in 49 years."

"Oh," I replied.

Judging by this conversation, you can easily deduce I know very, very little about sports. I hear there's a World Cup thingy going on now too.

An estimated 2 million people showed up for the Chicago Blackhawks parade on Michigan Avenue today, so I should show some excitement, right?

Let's go Hawks!....I guess.


Nordic Monsoon said...

Trust me, people like us are definitely the majority in the city. The only reason that we seems like a minority (or an outcast) is that non-sport fans do not parade down Michigan Avenue.

On the other hand, I am glad to see that Chicago finally has something to cheer for in an otherwise gloomy year.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

I can relate! Sports what????---- If I didn't thank you for dropping by and commenting, I thank you. I enjoy your blog, it's personnel and insightful. Keep up the good work.

We Blog Artists said...

enjoy the fact that you're different...talented and that you enjoy other things in Life other than the NORM...sorry I haven't passed by recently...


Neurotic Workaholic said...

I know nothing about sports, so I share your lack of excitement for it. I was on the train today and it took about half an hour longer to get home because of all the Blackhawks fans; they kept cheering the whole time. Maybe it would've been more fun if I actually liked hockey.

AndyDrewby said...

I love hockey! We have a pretty good high school team here. It's fun to go and only pay $2 for a couple hours entertainment.

Dean Grey said...


I guess you're right about that. A non-sports-fan parade sounds like fun!



Thank YOU for dropping by and commenting!



No worries, Char. I've fallen behind on everyone else's blog too!


Neurotic Workaholic!

Uggh! The commute must've been a mess!



My cousins are big on hockey so you'd get along great with them.

I wouldn't mind attending a game if I had someone to go with and knew what was going on! LOL


I appreciate all of you chiming in here!


artbyakiko said...

I don't know anything about hockey. In fact, I had to Google to find out what kind of a sports you are talking about. lol Love this American Indian logo, though.

David K Small, artist said...

Careful Dean, don't hurt yourself with all that excitement.

jason said...

oh, we won the superbowl this year, it seems....only way I even realized it was football season :)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

If you have a Non Sport Parade, I'm flying in for it! Someone said something about the Stanley Cup the other day, and I said "I'm sorry, I don't follow Basketball..." and they looked at me SO strangely, I had to go home and look it up to figure out why!!!!

Dean Grey said...


Don't feel bad. I know very little about hockey myself!



I'll be careful, David.



I know even less about football!





Thanks to everyone for commenting!


Anonymous said...

Yay...woot. Go Blacksox, er, Blackbox or whatever they're called.

naturgesetz said...

"Let's go Hawks!....I guess." LOL

I wonder why I never saw this on my dashboard. Only came across it when "Hello, Kitty" appeared.

Anyway, I was thinking of sending congratulations on the Blackhawks' victory. Sorry I procrastinated.

But for the next year, whenver you mention Chicago, you can add, "home of the stanley Cup champion Blackhawks." After that you say, "Chicago, home of the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks." Of course if they repeat, you don't have to refer to the earlier championship. LOL

Dean Grey said...


Close enough for me, Corey!



That's quite a long title for Chicago! I think I'll just call it the Windy City instead!


I always appreciate hearing from both of you gentlemen!


david said...

the chicago blackhawks defenseman brent sopel rode wit the stanley cup in the chicago gay pride parade this year.. thats a first for an nhl player, team and definite first time for lord stanleys cup....
brendan burkes memory is alive and well in our hearts and in brent sopel and in the chicago lgbt community and pride parade...

- cheers.. david

Dean Grey said...


I was very well aware that the Stanley Cup toured in the Pride Parade this year!

A touching tribute for sure!


Unknown said...

I don't like sports but I like learning athletes whose personalities extend beyond their professional skills. I did not know that the Stanley Cup was in Chicago's 2010 Pride Parade. Awesome news. From my home in NC I coordinated the press releases for a first in the 2012 Chicago Pride Parade - a contingent of Mormons marching in favor of marriage equality. I'm happy to see some some athletes coming out of the closet.

Dean Grey said...


"I'm happy to see some athletes coming out of the closet."

Me too!