Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello Kitty!

It was a Grey Day yesterday as I headed downtown.....

Buckingham Fountain yesterday! This is my kind of weather!!

While waiting on the platform for my train, I noticed a pullout from a child's coloring book lying on the sidewalk down below. A black and white illustration of a cat scribbled with green, blue, and pink crayon.

She sure looked happy. Smiling, with flowers in her hat and hearts on her dress.

Even though trampled and worn, it was still an unexpected piece of art that I was DETERMINED to get! I had to have her!

But I would've had to walk all the way off and around the platform, missing my train which was on its way. So I just looked at her one more time before boarding, transferring all of my craziness onto that whimsical kitten!

Please, God, let me have it, I thought to myself. Let it still be there I when I get back. Please, please, please let me have it. I can't lose this too. I need it. Please!

Much of my time was spent worrying about that cat art! Visions of it blowing onto the street and getting run over, soaking in a rain puddle, or simply picked up and discarded. Lost forever.

Four hours later, I'd gotten off the train back where I started. Down and around the ramp I dashed.

Would it still be there for me? I looked under nearby cars, to no avail, in case the wind moved it. The rain held off so it couldn't have gotten wet. And there in the distance....on the sidewalk just where I had first found it, she was waiting for me!

I gingerly picked her up and sighed. She was mine. Mine. All mine! And I took her home.....


naturgesetz said...

This is so wonderful!

I don't even know why, but I am deeply happy that the kitty was still there for you and that you have it.

Another sign of hope, perhaps, in that answered prayer.

Neurotic Workaholic said...

You definitely have an artist's eye, and I'm glad you were able to get that picture!

Safi Crafts said...

Pictures of kittens always make me happy too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Winter said...

it looks more arty than what "litter" normally would be. cute kitty :) trust me that you aren't the most paranoid person, i was suspecting every single human being/animal while carrying my painting to the frameshop >.< and a hundred million bad things that could happen in my head. take care! HUGS

Dean Grey said...


Was it a sign of hope or me just being lucky?


Neurotic Workaholic!

I'm pretty glad about it too!



You're quite welcome!



That just means you're crazy like me! LOL


I appreciate all of your comments on this!


Joey said...

Alright, Dean! This is what I absolutely love about you...you find such beauty in what some would conside mundane. I just smiled the biggest smile reading this post.

I am certainly glad (however, pleasantly surprised) that you were able to find kitty still there. I think how rare it is that something like that piece of paper would still be in the same general area given the busy-ness of Chicago.

So glad you found something to brighten your day! Take care, my friend!

stanw said...

A "positively" adorable post, love it. To get joy in something so simple yet a treasure to possess.

Anonymous said...

Some things are just destined to happen; luckily the kitty was destined for your collection of rare art finds!

Might your fortunes continue and multiply as you grace us with your own art and insights. I feel enriched to have discovered your blog and postings. Thank you for sharing.


Dean Grey said...


The fact that this post made you smile, made ME smile, Joey!!






I'm flattered!


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen for stopping by!


jason said...

Just to think of the joy some little one had coloring that little kitty....it's gotta be transmitted by osmosis somehow right? I know I'm feeling it. :)

ricola said...

This made me quite glad, both for you and the kitten.
Wonderful drawings on the other blog also.

Dean Grey said...


Their loss is my gain!



I need to update my comic book blog soon!


I appreciate hearing from both of you boys!


Roland Halbritter said...

... what a nice story ...
... just keep your eyes opened ...
... and you will find more art on the street ...

AndyDrewby said...

Cute little kitty.

Mind Of Mine said...

We all find our own beauty in the world. This was an exceptional post.

Dean Grey said...


I will keep my eyes open!





Mind of Mine!

That's quite a compliment, Ian!


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen!


Natasha and Jesse said...

I just found your blog through "The Rest is Still Unwritten". I'm so glad the kitten was still there for you. What a great post, I'll definitely be back to read your blog.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you found me!


Unknown said...

My cousin loves Hello Kitty. I love saying hello to my kitties each time I return home.

Dean Grey said...


Over the past year or so, my mom has really gotten into Hello Kitty (she says she just looks so happy).

Oh, and I still have this cat coloring-page hanging on my wall at home.