Saturday, May 22, 2010

Leaves and wood!

It's been such a LONG week for me. My uncle has been in the hospital almost every day now and I've been running on empty a while back. Hopefully things will slow down soon!

While my uncle was getting his chemo this past Tuesday, I did some more walking around the neighborhood the hospital was located in.

I don't know if it's because I'm an artist, a Taurus, or just plain crazy but when I get fixated on something....I get fixated on something! After my last leaf painting, I keep finding myself spotting fallen leaves on the ground.

Look at all my leaves!

It was quite windy and stormy last weekend so downed branches dotted the sidewalks and I started picking up random leaves along the way.

I was especially drawn to the damaged leaves. The more broken and scarred the better. I felt how they looked. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with all of these yet but when the obsession hit I just had to have them!

Mine, mine, mine!

And on my way back to the hospital, near some ornamental trees that had just been pruned, I found this 12-inch log and immediately thought, I HAVE to take this too! And I did!

A spare plastic bag, my backpack, and a minute later I carefully wrapped up this tree limb and took it home!

I have absolutely NO idea what I'm going to do with it though. Any advice from my fellow bloggers?

What would you do with a thick, 12-inch piece of wood? (I can just imagine the dirty jokes now!)


elsie said...

I love picking up leaves, wood logs- not so much and I can't even think of a dirty joke to tease you with, so obviously I am NO fun at all!!

Anonymous said...

The piece of wood appears to be something closely akin to locust from the bark on it. If so, while it is still young and fresh, it would be splendid for carving into a lamp pedestal. as it cures out the various shades and textures will develop and enhance it's natural beauty with your craftsmanship.

The leaves could be pressed between rice paper and formed into a lamp shade for your piece as well.

Best of luck on figuring out what you're project is to be!


Anonymous said...

Hope things get better for you!! Hugs.

P.S. Let us know what you do with the wood. ;-)

Mona Diane Conner said...

How about a pencil drawing of it Dean? I once brought a piece of wood in very similar and it made a drawing of all its bark details.

Susan Beauchemin said...

I love the look of the leaves all flattened out just as they are! With the wood? A hanging planter, a'la George, my son.

no dirty jokes here, but you'll need some dirt!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle. Bless your heart for staying with him and making the best of your time at the hospital.

hmmmm.... If I don't carve it, attached some leaves to it for a painting or sculpture? Use it as a doorstop or pedestal for a small piece? Have it at the ready for mugger deterrence? Stick some fruit around it for a table centerpiece? Stick some peanut butter and seeds and make a bird feeder? I have no idea! ;oP

Joey said...

Dirty jokes aside...

Sorry to hear that your uncle is having a hard time this past week. I know you take great care of him and your aunt, and that when something happens you become drained yourself. Please take some time to make sure you are taken care of, too. You know I worry about you.

Loved the pressed leaves. The way you had them pictured, I thought they were a piece of Dean Grey artwork already. Can't wait to see what becomes of them.

As for the log...I picture some lamp base of some sort. Of course, I just came back form a weekend away in a log cabin where everything is wood-themed. A lamp made from the log would go perfectly.

Beyond that idea, I am clueless. You are the artist! I am just an admirer of the art...and the artist, as well.

Love to ya!

Manon said...

I will send healing vibes to your uncle.
I understand your thing about being fixated on an object. I did that with leaves a few years back alos. Now I do it with! I usually have red on the brain
Love your tree limb. Live with it for awhile and something will come to you.
So you're a Taurus. So is my mom and daughter!! Lol!

AndyDrewby said...

I know exactly what I would do with it. As to what you are going to do with it? A very small dug out canoe. Whatever you do with it I am sure it'll be great.

Dean Grey said...


No worries. I'm not that much fun either!



I love the idea of pressing the leaves in between rice paper!



You'll be the first one to find out what I do with my wood! LOL



I really like the idea of sketching this log. Close-ups of the bark would be so fun to draw!



I remember your son's planter well!



LOL at all your ideas!



Your mom is a Taurus? That explains EVERYTHING!



Yes, when my aunt and uncle are struggling I end up struggling with them. It's been such an exhaustive week for all of us.

Turning the log into a lamp base sounds okay but I'm totally clueless about the electrical aspect of installing a lamp. Don't want to get shocked in the process, Joey!



That is going to be one small canoe!


Everyone's suggestions are greatly appreciated!


naturgesetz said...

Blessings on you and your aunt and uncle.

I would just stand the log on end inside the front door.

If you do a painting based on the leaves, I definitely want to buy it.

Hope you get some replenishment soon. *hugs*

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Dean, I love your collection of leaves. The log could be a jumping off point for some mixed media, or something. I so 'get' people who collect leaves - why not?

Carol Nelson said...

Are you thinking of carving into it? Maybe you're a sculptor and don't know it. Start hacking at it and see what happens.
You have a lot of good other suggestions.
My best to you uncle.

Dean Grey said...


If I can't come up with something soon I might leave it and use it as a doorstop!



Mixed media, huh? Hmmm......



I'm so afraid of cutting into the log and ruining it!


Thanks to the three of you for adding your thoughts on this!


Neurotic Workaholic said...

First time commenting - cool blog, by the way! And it's nice to see a fellow Chicagoan on the blogosphere.

I like picking up fallen leaves too, but I don't usually pick up pieces of wood because I always end up getting splinters. Also, I'm afraid that someone's dog might take it as an invitation to play fetch/tug-of-war and then I'll end up getting dragged down the street by a very eager dog.

Aaron said...

I have no idea what to do with the piece of wood although I'm impressed no dirty joke comment yet!

I hope you're well, Dean.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Carve your intials into the trunk.

melanie said...

Loving your sense of humor' natures gifts are the greatest...enjoy your wood as it is' why do anything with it, maybe just let it be' and allow yourself the same, life is such a roller coaster for you' im always wishing you the best'

Dean Grey said...

Neurotic Workaholic!

Welcome to The Doughnut Gang!

I was very worried a dog might have peed on the log before I took it home but life is about risks, right?



I'm surprised there haven't been any dirty jokes yet either!



Carving my initials is a very cool idea!



I will let the log be for now!


I appreciate hearing from the four of you!


martha miller said...

Dean, I'm so glad to hear that your uncle's OK and that you've had a break!! About that log...

Dean Grey said...


Just checked out the link now. Are you trying to tell me I'm going to become the new Log Lady?!



martha miller said...

yes! it's your destophi! i mean, destiny! (destophi is the word verification! :^D)

Dean Grey said...




Mike said...

Love the colors and arrangement in the leaves photo. Beautiful. Sorry to read about your uncle.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks! I was just trying to show the viewer all the differences in color and texture on the leaves.

Welcome to The Doughnut Gang!