Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You've got mail (art), David!

The talented David K. Small has been going through a difficult time these past couple weeks and needed some cheering up. Not only is David a fellow artist but he's also become a good blogging friend. What better way to lift one's spirits than with Mail Art!

Here's what I mailed to him!

Cut paper on archival backing board - Roughly 5" x 8" (NFS)

A little known fact is that I tend to collect interesting-shaped leaves in the fall and store them for future reference.

One of my oak leaves was used as a template and transferred on a comic book backing board which was then cut to size, leaving me with a blank leaf shape to embellish!

I didn't want the front to be plain yet so busy that you couldn't read the address. I had some woven origami paper but the pattern was too intense so I simply turned it over and used the reverse side which was much more subtle (am I clever or what!).

Once the origami paper was glued to the backing board, I carefully clipped off the excess revealing the leaf shape again.

The backside! (Do you see Wondy?)

I used several styles of paper for the back. Prismatic, scrapbook, origami. A variety of patterns from whimsical to elegant all cut into little strips which were carefully glued down, lined up, then trimmed. I even added a strip of Wonder Woman for some strength and compassion!

A series of encouraging words were written on the slivers of paper: "Joy. Create. Inspire. Pain. Hope. Survivor. Powerful. Determination. Live. Open."

And to finish it off, the entire edge was painted with silver glitter!

This is the first piece of Mail Art I've created that wasn't done on a traditional envelope. I thought FOR SURE that the stem would've been ripped off or at least bent during its travel through the postal system. David told me the leaf arrived COMPLETELY intact! Hooray!!

Just a little something to brighten another blogger's day. Enjoy David!!


naturgesetz said...

That's great, both as a work — or should I say "works"? — of art, and as a kindness to David.

David K Small, artist said...

Thank you again Dean !!! Nice to know how it was made too. D

Joey said...

Once again, your artistic ability simply leaves me in awe. I can't imagine the amount of time it took to create such a piece of art...the though behind the colors...the choice placement of each strip...including a sliver with Wonder Woman for strength and compassion. Genius!

I know David feels honored to receive such a gesture of friendship and support. (In actuality...I am green with envy!)

Glad to see your creative juices are still flowing.

Anonymous said...

you are so talented.....love this!

Dean Grey said...


Mail Art is indeed a work of art too!



You're quite welcome, David!



Well, Joey, it didn't take a ton of time to create due to the leaf's small size but it did have a lot of intricate steps involved so I definitely had to be careful and precise!





I always enjoy hearing what you four gentlemen have to say!


Kelly T Keating said...

Hi Dean,

I love the leaf with the Wonder Woman stamp. I was obsessed with her as a kid. Nice collage work and a what a great thing to receive in the mail.

I hope you are feeling a bit better. I always found that being creative and making something provided a bit of relief from the depression.

All the best, Kelly

Manon said...

LOVE IT!! That is such cool mail art!! Your friend will be so happy!

bK said...

+1 HYPE!

Carolina said...

David is such a lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

Very creative! I love it.

Randuwa said...

Daivd is blessed to have a friend like you.

Dean Grey said...


I LOVE Wonder Woman!!






*high fives*



He sure is!






That's sweet of you to say!


Everyone's nice comments are greatly appreciated!


Carol Anne Strange said...

Fabulous work, Dean, and so good of you to share with your friend. I trust all is well and that you are finding brightness within your creativity. xx

Kelly T Keating said...

Hey Dean,

Checkout my post on Wonder Woman:


Best, Kelly

Dean Grey said...


I don't know that all is well but, yes, I am finding brightness within my creativity!



I'm checking out that link now!


Thanks to the both of you!


jason said...

love it! Concept and execution!

Unknown said...

Lots of imagination here! Very, very cool!

Dean Grey said...


YAY! This was fun to create!



I'm glad you like it!


I appreciate hearing from the two of you!


Jane said...

mail art is so cool isn't it?
I have a whole archive that I really should put up on a blog or website or something.
Well done for these they look great.

Dean Grey said...


I'd love to see your Mail Art collection!!


Liberty said...

I love your job!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!

It was a lot of fun to make.


Unknown said...

This whole concept of mail art is fascinating.

Dean Grey said...


Mail Art RULES!!