Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who knew!

On our way to the hospital where my uncle gets his chemo treatments, we pass through several towns along the way.

In Chicago, the fire hydrants are a classic red. In Cal City, they're solid yellow. Then through Lansing, you'll find yellow with red trim. And finally, in Munster, Indiana are the most wonderful colors of fire hydrants with yellow tops!


You read that right. Not red but green! GREEN!!

Ohhhhhhhhh! My most favorite color!

I want one!

There's a TON of down time while my uncle receives chemotherapy. Lots of waiting around. So armed with my camera, I decided to kill time and take some shots of this verdant rarity.


I wonder if every city has their own special color combination for fire hydrants? What's yours?

I'd just die if I saw a purple one with pink or light blue trim! The possibilities are endless!


Joey said...

Cracking me up!

Ours here are a very shiny silver. Will try to grab a picture for you tomorrow.

Too funny. Although, I do like the yellow and green.

Unknown said...

hehe Dean, your powers of observation baffle me, I would never notice something like that! I couldnt tell you what colour they are in England, Im guessing red...

naturgesetz said...

That's amazing!

Ours are solid yellow.

I wonder if the differences are so fire departments can tell at a glance whose hydrant it is.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

They really do look cool. The ones I find in my place are usually red and sometimes with a black 'hat'!

Anonymous said...

Most of our in Minneapolis are red. I think there are a few other colors. Right now I'm too sleepy to think what they are. LOL.

Mike said...

Out where I live in Cali our fire hydrants are a bright yellow.

I know that in Vegas (or somewhere in Nevada) the fire trucks were lime green. And maybe it was Arizona that I was in where they were bright yellow.

LeAnn Whitacre said...

Haha....Dean. They do actually look like giant klunky flowers. Great distraction for you at a difficult time, for you sound so upbeat, and joyful.

Anonymous said...

Mine are this orange-yellow that's pretty horrid to look at in sunlight.

I love the ones in the pictures. The tops look like little fireman's hats.

David K Small, artist said...

Having traveled extensively I can say I have seen them in all sorts of colors and patterns.

Dean Grey said...


Silver fire hydrants sound super cool, Joey!



I wouldn't have noticed it either except that the green was so different from the typical red color.



Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the specific colors let each fire department know who they belong too.



Red and black look great together!



Get some rest!



That sounds colorful!



I especially love the shape and scale of the first one!



Orange-yellow sounds kind of pretty!



Seen any with polka dots, David?


Thanks to everyone for chiming in here!


sMacThoughts said...

I feel like I see many different colors in NYC.... here is one I took a photo of one night:

suzanneberry said...

LOVE the little yellow hats on the gumby green and your observations! I hope your Uncle is doing better.

Dean Grey said...


I checked out the link! That fire hydrant needs a serious cleaning!

Great photo album on flickr BTW!



Gumby green! That's the color exactly!


I appreciate hearing from both of you ladies!