Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Hyacinth bulbs blooming (from start to finish)


bK said...

That is so cool! The hyacinth is one of my favorite flowers!

Unknown said...


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

They made me smile. I love the vases you used to grow them.

Randuwa said...

Oh MY! How beautiful....if only I could share their fragrance, too. You can do can do anything!

Kelly T Keating said...

Hi Dean,

Your hyacinths are quite beautiful. They are one of my favorite flowers especially in white. And as I am sure you know they are a very 'mo kind of bloom.

Thank you for your comment on my blog The Great Within. I am taking a lot of pictures and writing a lot for the blog and I hope to post some stuff before returning home.

Best, Kelly

Unknown said...

Wow - what a cool sequence of photos. Thanks for posting!!!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Those are gorgeous! And it looks so simple to grow them too!

sMacThoughts said...

What a beautiful documentation!!

Dean Grey said...




WannabeVirginia W.!



Little Miss Sunshine State!

I love the glass vases too! This way you can see the roots which are equally cool!



They smell AMAZING!!



Thank YOU for your comment on my blog!



I thought it'd be neat to show how the bulbs grew over the past two months.



They were indeed simple to grow!





I appreciate everyone's feedback on these flowers!


Pilgrim said...

Nice, but where is their decay? Propz Pilgrim

Nordic Monsoon said...

This is absolutely beautiful. You should consider composite time lapse image.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Nice post Dean, and a neat idea to photo this 'work-in-progress'! :-) Wishing you a happy Easter.

Kathleen Coy said...

What a great series of photos, Dean. I LOVE the little glass vases that show the roots. Beautiful!!!

Dean Grey said...


It's been a while!

Shoot! You're right about that! I didn't post the bulbs' complete finish, now did I?

In my defense, they're still in bloom and haven't wilted yet.



Composite time lapse sounds cool but I have no idea how to do that!



I'm wishing you a Happy Easter as well!



I almost like the showy roots more than the blooms themselves!


Thanks to all of you for the nice comments!


David K Small, artist said...

Ooooo I want to paint these... any larger images?

Blakenetizen said...

Awesome! I'm sooo gonna try this!

Dean Grey said...


Sorry, David, I already deleted all the larger photos I had of the hyacinths!



Try it!


It's always nice having you two stop by!


Aaron said...

My mum's favourite plant!! She goes nuts about it! :D

Dean Grey said...


Funny you should say that. These hyacinth bulbs were actually given to my mother as a gift!

She asked me to grow them for her because she knows I have a green thumb!


Unknown said...

what a wonderful sequence, Dean!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

What a cool post! And they are so symbolic, too. They grow at their own rate, and are beautiful at every stage.

Dean Grey said...


Glad you enjoyed it!



Sounds like a good philosophy for life!





I appreciate the feedback from the three of you!


Carolina said...

OMG, this is glorious!
Thanks for sharing :)

Dean Grey said...


Anytime! Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

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Keep up the fantastic work!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!


Unknown said...

I saw these photos and immediately thought of my mom. I then looked at the date of the post and saw it was about a week before my last visit with her. I returned home to NC and she died near then end of April. So interesting that an almost four year old post has such personal meaning today. Thank you, Dean.

Dean Grey said...