Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Another city tree humiliated and cut down!! (cameo by "Pepper")


naturgesetz said...

The thing is, like every other living thing, trees age and die. Arborists make judgments about how viable they are. The earlier tree was obviously in tough shape. I'm sure they had a reason to choose this one too.

Personally, I don't even like to prune shrubs. My feeling is, "Let them grow."

On the other hand, there is a town-owned tree in the sidewalk by the end of my driveway. In every storm it sheds branches, sometimes big ones. There is a large branch which broke off but got caught by some lower branches. I just hope it doesn't drop a big branch on my brother's convertible some time when he is visiting and the wind goes over 30 mph.

More generally, we tend to want things to stay the way they are: Don't cut down that tree; don't build in that vacant lot, don't remove that old building. But if people never cleared trees, built and replaced buildings, we'd have no Chicago, or any other city. We seem to feel if it happened before we got there, it's okay, but once we see it, it becomes untouchable.

And what is Pepper's connection with you?

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate your detailed comment!

You're right. Nothing lasts forever. But this has been the 5th or 6th tree in my neighborhood park that's been cut down within the past few weeks.

I'm wondering what the city's criteria is? What constitutes "healthy"? Are the trees' roots a bother? Does the trunk grow a bit too crooked for their taste?

Personally, I think trees are sacred especially one like this that has been around for DECADES.

A tree should only be cut down if absolutely necessary.

I'm no expert but the exposed stump looked rather healthy to me as did the rest of the tree.

I just worry the city is getting "prune happy" and finding trees to cut down to keep people working. That would be a damn shame if that were the case.

And Pepper?

Funny you should ask.

While I was taking these pictures a resident came by walking his dog. We started talking about the tree and how sad it was.

Pepper sat near the logs and I asked if I could get a shot of her. The rest is history!


JRonson said...

I saw oneof your paitings on other blog and im so impressed !! contragulations

David K Small, artist said...

Pepper looks as sad as I do when I see a tree being killed.

Blakenetizen said...

I'm no tree huger but... Poor tree! its always sad to see a tree being cut down in the city, there's not that many left :(

and your theory that there just cutting them down to keep people in jobs, its very believable and makes the trees death so much worst

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...


But I LOVE Pepper - especially his eyebrows!

Dean Grey said...


So glad you found me!



Very sad indeed, David!



I'm not a tree hugger either but I still suspect some nonsense going on with the city.

There's so many scandals in Chicago already that it'd make complete sense for a department to claim some trees look "questionable" and need to be trimmed down....making big bucks for the crew hired out to complete the job.

I could be wrong though!



Pepper is a cutie....and a girl! LOL


Thanks to all of you for your opinions on this matter!


Kathleen Coy said...

Two beautiful old souls...

Manon said...

I hate seeing that done to a beautiful tree. I was so bummed when we lost trees due to all the snow but I knew that was an act of nature.
Pepper is sooooo adorable!!

jason said...

sheesh...I can't help it, but I hate to see any tree cut, in any way.
And I think Pepper's got a wise old soul. You can see it in the eyes.

Dean Grey said...


Beautiful old souls indeed!



It wasn't an act of nature in this case. The city specifically wanted a bunch of trees in the neighborhood park to be cut down.

Why, I'm not sure yet.

Pepper was so friendly! She came right up to me when I called for her.



Pepper's owner said he found her as an abandoned puppy and raised her ever since. "She's up there in years," he told me.


I appreciate hearing from the three of you!


JRonson said...

Unfortenelly there r people that don't have any respect for the nature, it's so selfish, they should be ashamed really. powrfull photos ;D

btw i want to see more of your art work :D

Writer said...

I hate this. You can almost feel and hear its pain and anger. :(

suzanneberry said...

Beautiful photographs, even as they record the death of a living thing.

Dean Grey said...


I hope to post more of my artwork soon!



When I first saw the fallen tree it looked like it was in such agony!



I know they're not the most pleasant pics but I was so distraught that I had to capture this carnage on film.


Thanks to all of you for commenting on this!


Randuwa said...

Pepper has some Skipperke blood? I grew up with Skipperke's. They are amazing dogs.

Dean Grey said...


I wouldn't know! Pepper isn't my dog but belongs to someone who saw me taking pictures of the tree and asked what I was doing.

The owner and I got to chatting and I just had to get a shot of Pepper by all the logs!


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

lovely photos- The last time I saw them cutting down trees in my city I took pictures AND made some lemonade.
Here is my post:

We Blog Artists said...

Love pepper...he seems to express your sorrow for the tree in his own eyes.
Have a great MONDAY(I know I'm behind a little)

robertga99 said...

It is very sad! I drive by so many empty shopping centers but yet they are cutting down trees to build other shopping centers. Why can't they just use the old buildings and either remodel or tear it down and start all over again instead of cutting down more trees?

Dean Grey said...

Lady Ren!

I checked out the link! Awesome job!!



Yeah, Pepper does look kind of sad in that shot, huh?



I agree with you, Bob!

Better yet, why not try to incorporate them into part of the building plans? Work around the one-of-kind trees instead of just mowing them all down.


I appreciate what you three have to say!