Monday, March 8, 2010

A Grey Day.....

Even though everything was on time, I ran towards my neighborhood train station. And I was in such a rush I forgot my gloves! Ughh! That's how badly I wanted to leave.

It's been almost three LONG months since I've gone downtown. 77 days to be exact!

Nervousness set in but the train heading into the city wasn't crowded by any means and I had my own little space. Thank God for that!

A 35-minute ride later and I was at the terminal. I walked up the exit slowly. Step by step. Taking my time and finally entering the heart of the Loop. It felt like going home. Seeing all the people and zooming traffic was a bit overwhelming at first but I pushed through that.

It was chilly outside with cloudy skies and no sun in sight! Rain looked like it could fall at any moment. PERFECT! As one blogger coined the phrase, it was "A Grey Day."

I even felt kind of attractive for once! Dare I say....cute even. It must be the weather.

Magnificent, no?

After running some necessary errands I paid the mighty Buckingham Fountain a visit.

Currently it's still shut off so very few people sightsee it this time of year. I LOVE THAT! It's like I have the whole place to myself. There's something terribly romantic about it and it's no surprise you'll usually find couples meandering the area.

Perhaps one of these days I'll be going back with someone instead of all alone.

*deep sigh*

Walking down the aisle.....

Just north of the fountain is a wonderful spot adjacent to the rose garden in Grant Park. It's easily overlooked but there's a pathway lined with trees on both sides.

During cloudy or rainy days, the branches look especially full and create a tree tunnel! I always envision a couple getting married here. A woodland aisle if you will. Ah, to steal a kiss here.......

Squawk squawk squawk!

At the end of the path were some inquisitive geese getting a quick sip from melted snow puddles and munching on the nearby grass.

The skyline disappearing into the fog.....

From there I made a beeline to the lakefront, sat near the edge, and deeply inhaled the coolness.


I could sit here for hours.....

Lake Michigan moved in smooth, dreamlike ripples while seagulls cried overhead. And in the distance, the sky and water merged so perfectly you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began.

Two ducks taking a nap near the lake!

It was all so private and peaceful. And I found myself smiling. Feeling calm. That surprised me! Even chilled fingers couldn't ruin the moment. To be kissed here as well....ah, that would truly be lovely. Can you tell I have romance on the brain? (^_^)

I guess the more remote spots of Chicago will do that to you.

Until we meet again.....

The sun dared to emerge briefly but quickly went back into hiding. It knew better than to ruin MY day!!

In the end, it wasn't earth-shattering or cataclysmic or a lot of time spent but it was a nice day for me. A chance to escape and forget things for a little while. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be boo-hooing by the end of next week and things will be back to normal! LOL


robertga99 said...

Wow, you have such an artistic eye. What beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

naturgesetz said...

"Grey Day" — I love it.

"felt … attractive … cute even" — well, you are. So keep those feelings.

Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts.

Is that the Wrigley Building in the center of the last picture? During my visit to Chicago in the 1970's I was much taken with the Wrigley Building and had a meal at the Wrigley Building Restaurant.

I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day!

David K Small, artist said...

Very nice post Captain. Lets hope these days become your "back to normal" days. Days with a smile on your face. Hope uncle is well.

Unknown said...

The pics are magnifique and so are you. I love the photo of the distant foggy water. I could also sit there for hours bundled up with hot chocolate or just someone hot :)

Anonymous said...

what a truly wonderful day. It amazes me, I posted pics of lake michigan on my scenic saturday this past weekend and on my side of the lake we are still frozen, just amazing.
Thanx for sharing the tree lined path by the fountain, Im at that fountain all the time and have never known about the path, I cant wait to walk down it next time Im in the city;)

peace my friend

Anonymous said...

Dean what a nice upbeat post. A Grey Day huh? The weather may be grey, you may be Grey, but so long as you are cheerful, that's good. (I am impressed by your photography skills.) If you make such trips out more often maybe they won't seem so nerve-wracking.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Lovely photos- Looks FREEZING though- and you did this all without your gloves?!

Dean Grey said...





You're quite welcome!



You're going to kill me but I'm terrible with the names of buildings!

The Wrigley Building is definitely in the shot least part of it is!



I hope they become my "back to normal" days too, David!


WannabeVirginia W.!

Hot chocolate or someone hot sound perfect to me!



Definitely check the path out the next time you're in the Windy City! It's right next to the rose garden, which is right next to Buckingham Fountain!



My old days as a recluse have come back to haunt me, I'm afraid.

It's hard to motivate myself to get out and about a lot of the time.


Lady Ren!

It was about 46 degrees out that day so while it was chilly it wasn't freezing.

Thank God for coat pockets!


Everyone's wonderful comments are greatly appreciated!


melanie said...

That's so wonderful that you got to step away from yourself and find yourself again in those beautiful moments, the photos are brilliant, not only do you capture the moments and feeling on film but you share with your words so eloquently, tis a pleasure to see and read, thankyou!

Manon said...

Grey DAy was fabulous! I love's one of my favorite places. You will find love, my friend!!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Walking Down The Aisle

That photo is stunning.

stanw said...

As I read your post and viewed the great photos I had to smile - so glad you had a great day! A romantic, who knew, that is delightful. Take good care.

Blakenetizen said...

Delightful post Dean,
I have visited all of these spots but I have never seen them like this :)
PS: what kinda camera do you have? It takes fantastic pics!

Winter said...

most certainly agree. sounds soo romantic :) feel alive when i am in town too, but 77 days! i'd die by then prolly >.< great to chat with you and take care!

Dean Grey said...


Step away from myself. Yes, that's exactly what I did!



I will find of these days!


Little Miss Sunshine State!

I love that area!



Yep, I'm a romantic!



I have an older Canon Powershot digiital camera which I bought used on eBay about three years ago!



77 days felt like an enternity for me! Very much like a slow death!


Thanks to all of you for chiming in here!


Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like taking a walk-about to clear your head. When I lived in NYC, on some weekends I would just start walking around the city with no plan in hand and just go where the street lights and fate took me. Those walks were always introspective and relaxing.

I started reading this post this morning, and then got caught up in work stuff, but I couldn't wait to come back to it to finish my field trip with you.

Sounds like your "Grey" day was wonderful!

Aaron said...

The photos looked amazing and it looks like they were all perfect places to do some pondering. :) Love the lake especially.

Dean Grey said...


My Grey Day was indeed wonderful, Corey!



Sitting near the lakefront on a cloudy/rainy day is the best!


It's always nice hearing from you two gentlemen!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

For one minute you should not doubt your CUTE-ness, Dean! I'm so glad you took the trip in to the Loop - I'm also one who loves a GREY day! I feel like anybody could love a sunny day, but the mystery, drama, depth of a gray day is much more appealing! My heart lifts thinking of you enjoying your day, thinking of romance, even! Yes, Spring is coming!

Anonymous said...

happy post! you are attractive!

Dean Grey said...


I agree with you 100%! Cloudy, foggy, and/or rainy days are so much more mysterious, romantic, and dramatic looking!

Who needs the sun? Bah!





Thanks to the both of you!


Randuwa said...

Chicago's an amazing city. Full of photographic wonder--like D.C. I need to get out more with my camera. You inspire me!

We Blog Artists said...

Phew...I nearly missed this post! And how could I ....such an uplifting, moody,
LOVE the's always great to have visions...that person will be there for you one day to share those moments. Cherish them whilst you have them for yourself...these times are JUST as important as the ones you will share with a loved one.

Dean Grey said...


That's so nice of you to say!



I will cherish these moments, Char!


Both your comments are very much appreciated!


Carol Anne Strange said...

Such a dreamy and reflective escape, shaping the scene for romance to come. Thanks for sharing your day, Dean. Love & bright wishes. xx

Writer said...

I love these photos!

Dean Grey said...


".....shaping the scene for romance to come."

Nicely put, Carol!



I loved taking them!


Thanks to the pair of you!


Writer said...

Wonderful post, Dean. I notice I'd already left a comment, but will leave another. My favorite is the emptiness where the lake and the sky and the fog all become one. And that fountain is amazing: if given the opportunity I'd happily put my arm around you and walk around the fountain, and take you hand and hand down that tree tunnel. I've have a grouping of trees quite similar near my apartment here, and somewhere on my blog is a picture I took of those trees on a snowy day.

Dean Grey said...


Buckingham Fountain is my MOST favorite thing to look at when I'm in the city!

Yes, we'll have to look at it together sometime!


Unknown said...

Glad you had that "Grey Day."

Dean Grey said...


Me too, sir.