Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green never tasted so good!

My mom made marble pistachio cake over the weekend!

A gorgeous shade of green for St. Patrick's Day and the perfect way to get my chocolate fix!

It's days like this that I'm glad I'm skinny and can afford to gain a few pounds!



David K Small, artist said...

What, you aren't going to share? Some of us who paint and draw do manage to find our way out of the studio to a kitchen... where is the recipe?

Nordic Monsoon said...

Mmhmhmhmhm.... that looks lovely! I could certainly have some pistachio gelato for the day.

happy St. Patrick's Day!

Aaron said...

u're just making me hungry!! :( it looks really good.

Dean Grey said...


Sorry, David, but my mom got this recipe from a Duncan Hines box!


Being the purist that I am, I only make my baked goods from scratch. It was still tasty though!



Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!



It was really good!


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen for commenting!


Anonymous said...

I bet that is SO GOOD!! Be perfect with my morning coffee right now.

robertga99 said...

Mmmmm, that does look delicious!
Hope you had a great St. Patty's Day!

Leslie Hawes said...

Here's the recipe!
I make this all the time, except mine's not quite St. Patrick's Day Green!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really big on cake, cookies and pies, because I worked in a bakery when I was in high school, and ate everything. So, I'm pretty much burned out on the stuff. But that green marble/choc cakes looks divine, and I wouldn't mind a sliver of it.

Way to go Mom!!

Unknown said...

Yummy! How lucky you still have a mom close enough to bake for you! How wonderful and I'll bet it was good to the last crumb.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Gasp is right-
Gasp at admitting it!
Repeat after me:
Made from sratch
It is real
Just over two carats

Dean Grey said...


Ah, it's the perfect breakfast snack too! Now I can have a piece in the morning as well as after dinner, right?




I hope you had a wonderful day as well, Bob!



Thanks for the recipe! I thought my mom said she used green food coloring to give the cake that extra green tint.



If you were in Chicago, Corey, I'd save you a piece!



Lucky indeed! My mom LOVES to bake! I think that's where I get it from.


Lady Ren!


Sometimes a box mix is the next best thing!


Everyone's wonderful words are greatly appreciated!


Manon said...

Yum!! Omg... that looks delish!

Paul Benjamin said...

Wow, interesting! I've never had pistacchio bread before, but if it takes anything like pistachio ice cream, then I'm sold! Did you save me a piece? :)

Dean Grey said...


That's because it is!



There's slightly less than half of the cake left. If you meet me within the next two days I'll give you a piece!


Thanks to both of you for chiming in here!


Winter said...

looks yummy my gosh! hungry just after i had breakfast!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fat ass, but I wouldnt care, that looks awesome, I'm sure I would eat the entire cake;)

naturgesetz said...

Why not put a slice or two in the fridge, and auction it/them off on eBay?

stanw said...

Right now that piece of cake would go down so well! Yum, Yum! You lucky guy. Thanks for sharing........

Dean Grey said...





There are days where I could eat the whole cake too!



You're not allowed to sell perishable food items on eBay!



I'll have a piece in your honor! ^_^


I appreciate hearing from you four gentlemen!


sMacThoughts said...

yes, please. ;)

jason said...

mom looks like an artist, in her way, too :)

Randuwa said...

Oh you skinny, guilt-ridden guys! Really!? Even bears love a rich, swirly, chocolaty desert!


Dean Grey said...





Baking can be an art form too!



I guess we ALL love a good desert, huh?


Thanks to the three of you for stopping by!