Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - City tree butchered!!


David K Small, artist said...

Well you certainly squeezed this just under the wire. Two minutes left to Wednesday !

Unknown said...

So sad, they (city) also do messed up things to trees in my neighbourhood.

One tree was 100 years old and they cut it down but to save it they had asked an artist to carve out a scene on a tree - it looks pretty good, but I prefer the actual tree.

naturgesetz said...

I think the little shoots coming from the massive branches are what happens when a tree has begun to lose branches. Maybe the city though the danger of further falling branches hitting people was too great, and that's why they put the orange dot on it. It is obviously a very old tree. And it looks as if they cut off at least one large branch as well as a number of little ones (represented by the white spots in the second and third photos). Possibly they were growing over the sidewalk and impeding pedestrians, or even over the street.

Interesting that the tree is still there. Maybe it was just a pruning job, and they'll let those small branches develop. If they haven't removed it altogether since you took those photos, it might be interesting to see how it does this summer.

Eduardo Guize said...

sad, but great pics

Dean Grey said...


Uh-uh, David. Check the time stamp. I created this post at 11:28 pm here in Chicago (Central Time).

I had 32 minutes to spare until Thursday began!



WannabeVirginia W.!

Yes, I also feel the city messed things up here as well. The tree should NEVER have been cut like this IMHO.

And it's not the first one they did this to either!



This was a tree from the park in my neighborhood.

I believe the orange dot means this tree will be removed completely.

It was "pruned" this past weekend. This is just the initial step to get the foliage out of the way so that when the limbs and trunk are cut down to the stump, things won't be falling down overhead.

The reason I suspect this is because a couple other trees in the park were cut down to the ground, just like this, in stages.

I saw no health issues, it was NOT leaning or ready to fall over. The only reason this tree will end up being removed is either for aesthetic reasons or the roots might be causing havoc underground.



Sad indeed! You can't ever get this tree back once it's cut down. Sure another one can be planted but it won't grow and twist the way this one did.

While walking home from my aunt and uncle's house yesterday, I spotted this terrible scene and felt heartbroken.

All I could do was photograph it, if anything, just to document what was left of it before the city removes the tree completely.


I'm glad to hear all of your thoughts on this!


Anonymous said...

sad about the tree....but awesome photo

Paul Benjamin said...

This pic is a little sad. It's MURDER! However, these pics do make great art, as they make me feel something!

Unknown said...

*sigh* The only thing good about this story is that a kind and empathic guy like you took notice and reminds us of how important it is to keep trees like this healthy.

Anonymous said...

Sad tree. It looks like it's really old and has a bazillion stories to tell.

In Atlanta, the city's forefathers were brilliant in their planning. The law states that if an adult cannot wrap both hands around a tree, you can't cut it down without permission from the city.

That's why today, Atlanta has trees that date back to the Civil War. I figure if they couldn't hold on to the Confederacy, they were dang sure gonna hold on to their trees!

Dean Grey said...


Glad you like the photos!



It is absolutely murder!

I've seen the city cut down perfectly good trees in the past, specifically over the summer in Grant Park for no real reason other than they look cluttered!




That's very sweet of you to say!



I absolutely LOVE the "adult wrapping both hands around the trunk" rule, Corey!

Maybe I need to move to Atlanta!


Thanks to all of you for sharing your opinions here!


Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean, I can definitely relate to this in my own experience as a New Yorker. It can be truly heartbreaking when it's a tree you have enjoyed and loved over many years.

ryan field said...

So hard to see this. I live on three acres filled with trees. The former owners actually built the house around the trees, and I love them all. People are always telling me to cut this tree down or cut that tree down, and I'm always telling them to mind their own business.

jason said...

very very sad...but wonderful photos, especially that last one.

Dean Grey said...


When will people realize big cities need trees too?



I'm glad you are protecting your trees!



Thanks for taking a look!


I appreciate the comments from the three of you!


Jo Potter said...

Hi Dean,
What a great tree shape and wonderful textures... It is sad to see a tree with it's branches removed because it's dying but I do feel that nature recycle's itself and the dead wood will provide nutrients back into the earth, for new life.:)
Thank you for your visit... Sorry it has taken me a while to catch up with you. I am only just getting back into visiting friends online, after my cold.
I hope you are well.
Best wishes,

L.Holm said...

striking images...haunting and sad.

Dean Grey said...


No need to apologize! I'm just glad you're back and feeling better!



Yeah, these make me kind of sad looking at them too.


It's always wonderful having you two ladies stop by!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Uh, oh. I feel that trees have personalities, and man, unless the limbs are crashing down over pedestrians and traffic and wires, they shouldn't but cut down! This was one magnificent tree, and you can almost hear it scream.... Thank you, Dean, for sharing.

mikielawson said...

There is something beautiful about these pictures.

Unknown said...

Hopefully the tree will continue to grow. It looks quite myterious in the first pic.

martha miller said...


We Blog Artists said...

Very striking image...I believe people who care for trees are special people.
Oh...I have a giveaway going on...

Randuwa2 said...

How do we respond to such butchery? I happen to love trees. I don't understand why I'm unique in this in any way. They have souls that match ours cell for cell....believe it.


Dean Grey said...


I agree with you 100%!



A beautiful kind of sadness perhaps?



I'm afraid this tree will eventually be cut down to its stump. These shots were just the initial cutting.






Thanks for that, Char!



I've no idea how to respond to such butchery. All I could do was document its last few moments with my camera.

And yes, I do believe trees are as alive as you and me.


Thanks to everyone for adding their thoughts here!