Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A moment like this.....

Ice chunks fell off weary tree limbs, breaking onto the ground with a smack as fat, wet snowflakes descended from the white sky.

That was the scene while walking home from my aunt and uncle's house this afternoon. A sudden snow flurry raced through our neighborhood for about an hour. I decided to stop a moment and sit at the nearby park to take it all in.

On a slush-covered, tilted bench I sat, more ice bits crashing around me. One large chunk in particular slammed onto a lower tree branch loaded with snow, forcing it all down below where I was seated!

And in that moment as the snow "exploded" overhead, cascading down and showering me, I smiled. It was a beautiful moment.

For you see I'm alone, sad, and friendless right now and it's those small, unexpected occurrences that keep me going a little more. It's all I have left so I cling to them tightly. Perhaps that's why I'm immortalizing it here on my blog.

Something good to remember and look back on. A moment like this.....


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you can smile and snicker to yourself at moments like this, sometimes that's all you need to get through.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful moment, thank you for sharing it with me;) I understand the feelings, and you are right, it really is moments like this that we hold close to our hearts.

we had the same burst of storm, here across the lake, I watched from my window, maybe we watched it at the same time? Thinking of it that way, makes me feel not as alone;)

thank you my friend;0

Octavius said...

That is an interesting moment to consider 'special'. But you certainly are not friendless mate. There are lots of people that love you, because they are not in your close vicinity doesn't mean that they love you any less.

Hugs, Courage and Honour!


Unknown said...

Friendless? What are we, chopped liver? You don't consider us in the Blogosphere as real I guess. Well I do. I know you are a kind, sensitive, creative, selfless, and talented young man. AND I consider you my friend.

naturgesetz said...

I don't remember if I've seen you comment on "Alex Murdy's" blog The Andron, but the other day he did a post in which he mentioned getting a card at church which said every day for the forty days of Lent he should remember, "I am loved." Perhaps if you remember that every day it will at least alleviate the sadness.

Your aloneness is not absolute, since you have your aunt and uncle in your life. And of course, you can't stop being friendless until you become available for people to befriend you, which usually means being in places with other people long enough for you and them to become acquainted. So I hope you can overcome the depression and agoraphobia enough to let yourself find and be found by potential friends. You're obviously a thoughtful, intelligent, and caring guy, and if people could meet you on an ongoing basis irl, I'm sure you'd have companionship and friendship. I know if I were in Chicago, I'd want to spend time with you.

jason said...


Sometimes I think these sorts of things are like whisperings from the Cosmos....meant to keep us alert. :)

Unknown said...

There is always beauty in nature if we take a moment to see it.

I am sad to hear that you are sad, and I don't think that you are friendless or alone, even though those of us who want to support you are doing so through the web.

robertga99 said...

You aren't "friendless"! There's a lot of people that care about you. I know you have a bunch of blogging friends :)

A season of darkness only last so long...hold on! It's gonna get better.

MartininBroda said...

I think those moments are like hidden rocks in a stream over which we can reach the other shore, we have only to look and want to see (sorry a bit broken English).

We Blog Artists said...

Hey...wanna move up here?
Canadians are REALLY friendly...can you tell?
Even though I'm not Canadian, but they really are a great Nation...and we have pretty snow too...just wait till you see my post tomorrow...
Seriously though...I'm still thinking we should all(that's everyone who LOVES you in blog World) come and Party at yours...you need some cheering.
HUGS my friend.

Dean Grey said...


Sometimes it's enough, Corey, and sometimes it's not.



I'm glad I could share it with you!



I appreciate that!



You and my other blogging friends are certainly NOT chopped liver but it's still not quite the same as real-life friends I'm afraid.

There's nothing like a face-to-face friend IMHO!



I'm not aware of that blog. Can you e-mail me the link?



I like the idea of it being from a higher power.


green and purple!

Believe me, I'm thankful for all my online friends but right now I could use some in-person ones.



As stated earlier, blogging friends aren't exactly like real-life friends. Close but not the same, Bob.



So I have to keep looking, huh?



Char, you're always trying to throw a party at my place! LOL


Everyone's supportive comments mean A LOT to me!


David K Small, artist said...

Ok everyone, I confess... you see I think online Dean is a beautiful work of art himself. I decided the offline Dean must be too. So, when a little bird told me where he was sitting, I quickly flew to Chicago, climbed up that tree, shook the branch making all the snow come down on him - just knowing he would smile. See you do have friends Dean. You are welcome too (and you owe me $5555 for the last second flight and cab fare.) David

melanie said...

All at once her heart burst open and tears streamed down her face.
Feelings fell from her and all about her.
Confusion swam thru her mind as it hurried to empty itself.
Trying to catch her breath as it raced away from her.
Lost amidst her own self, emptiness filled her soul.
There was no-one to catch her fall.
No-one to wipe her tears or hold her hand.
Alone and lonely, all by herself.
She quietly came undone.
Closing her eyes tight, she screamed.
No sound came from her, silence broke her already broken heart.
She had nothing left to give.
Everything had been taken.
Everything had been lost.
All that remained were the memories of all that had ever been.
xox life can leave us weary' never give up Dean'

martha miller said...

This post makes me think of the tarot card, the five of pentacles:

"The Five of Pentacles relates to material lack, but it also has a spiritual component. From the stained glass window, we can guess that these two figures are outside of a church. Comfort is so close at hand, but they fail to see it. The church symbolizes our spirits which are perfect and whole in every way. We are meant to enjoy abundance in all areas of life, but sometimes we forget that this is our birthright. Whenever you experience hardship, know that it is only temporary. Look for the spiritual center that will take you in and give you shelter."

Your friend!

Dean Grey said...


Wow, you are really fast, David! I didn't even see you climb that tree!



You wrote:

"There was no-one to catch her fall.
No-one to wipe her tears or hold her hand.
Alone and lonely, all by herself.
She quietly came undone.
Closing her eyes tight, she screamed."

That's exactly how I feel right now!



Sometimes it feels the hardships never go away though.

If we lived closer I'd LOVE for you to give me a Tarot reading!


Thanks to the three of you for the wonderful words!


Randuwa said...


What an amazing photo! Never think for one minute that your perspective on life is expendable. You bless me.


melanie said...

Thats how i've been feeling too Dean' it's only from my own feelings and thoughts that I can write and i like sharing it with you'
and i thought that you would relate, isn't it sad to know that there are others that feel it too....
Tis a pity we can't all be lonely together and not feel so alone' I think it's wonderful and brave that you share your feelings and thoughts, and even if it dosen't seem to help...i'd hate to imagine your suffering if you were not sharing it'

suzanneberry said...

Such a beautiful moment so beautifully recorded! I'm so glad you smiled. You're not alone. I think of you often and send you joy.

Mike said...

Keep smiling mate.

Keep smiling.

Dean Grey said...


That's sweet of you to say.



I guess by sharing it it lessens the blow.



Thanks for the joy!



I will try!


I appreciate hearing from the four of you!


R. Burnett Baker said...

Friendless? No, Dean. Though you don't know us physically in internet lalaland, we are your friends! We soak up the friendship and love you pour out through your writing, art and sharing!


Carol Anne Strange said...

A beautiful post, Dean, and a wonderful moment. Nature sends powerful messsages. I hope that you will find the kindred spirits that you need in your life. Love & bright wishes. xx

Dean Grey said...

R. Burnett Baker!

So nice of you! That made me smile!



I appreciate your bright wishes!


Thanks to the both of you for stopping by!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

What a beautiful moment, and you wrote so beautifully about it! Friendless? You? If you are HALF as personable in person as you are in the blogsphere... I find it hard to believe! LOOK at your commenters - always over 20 - you should get a counter because I bet there are 4 or 5 times that amount checking in on you on a regular basis! You are not friendless, Dean. Your friends just live in different places. Are there no art associations in Chicago? They'd love to have you help out (and would probably even be persuaded to give a 'hardship' membership to you), and your physical friend circle would grow like crazy, because they'd be 'us' in real life! Anyone who got to know you would have to love you, Dean. Thank you for sharing the 'moment', it was indeed beautiful!

Unknown said...

Another beautiful tree shot, Dean!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your a very talented gifted young man and from reading all these comments your certainly are loved and like even if it is at a distance. Hang in there

Dean Grey said...


I'm actually quite shy *cough* socially retarded *cough* in real life.

It's hard for me to get out there and meet new people, I'm afraid.



Aren't trees photogenic!


Grandma Yellow Hair!

Thanks for that!


All of your thoughtful comments are very much appreciated!


soraya nulliah said...

I came across your art and thanks for sharing all of this with us! Your writing is deep, authentic, soul-full and HONEST. You write about things that most people would best keep hidden. I think being so open and channeling all of these emotions into your art and writing is cathartic. And yes, there are such beautiful moments if we just know how to SEE.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you for noticing! I try to be as open and honest as I can in my posts and it feels nice to have people connect with what I say and show.

So glad you found me!


Unknown said...

This post is really powerful - both the photo and the words.

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate that, sir.