Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've got mail.....all the way from Germany!

Another lull.

The sketch for the previous post was completed almost two weeks ago now. Nothing has been drawn since. *sigh*

There are many art projects waiting to be born that I was supposed to get done like yesterday and I can't seem push past the resistance....yet again!

Oh I swear, I wish could just lop off my hands already and be done with it all. Then I couldn't draw or paint or write and wouldn't have to worry about chasing after a dream-career in art!


*pant* *pant* *pant*

Okay, okay, now that I got THAT out of my system, let me show you a piece of mail art I received last week from the wonderful Roland Halbritter!

The front (no space was wasted)!

It's on standard cardboard (flat not corrugated) and measures 4 3/4" x 7 1/2".

The front features a hand-drawn portrait of
Charles Darwin and a message to me from Roland asking if I'd like to partake in his current "Otto Von Bismarck" mail art challenge.

But the back.
Oh the back!

The backside featuring yours truly!

Now normally I cringe when I see pictures of myself but on the back of this mailing is a pen and ink portrait of me!

Roland explained he drew this with one fluid line, never lifting the pen from the paper. He obviously incorporated my love of the color green into this piece as "Green Dean" fills the negative space of the portrait. Love that!

Thanks, Roland, it's wonderful!!


Unknown said...

Wow!!!! That should make your year! How wonderful for you to inspire someone to create a very unique and awesome portrait! It's a great likeness, he captured you're tender soul. The fact he included the words green and you name tells me he put a lot of thought, planning and WORK on this.

I think it's awesome. I'm happy for you Dean.

Manon said...

Wow!! That's so cool! Roland did an awesome job of capturing you. Love that it's one fluid line!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, what beautiful art to send in the mail...lucky man....btw: love the new pic of you with glasses;)

martha miller said...

Dean, I cannot imagine cringing at pictures of you. YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!! (This coming from an old happily married hetero lady, who ain't dead yet, and knows a cutie when she sees one!!!!!)

sMacThoughts said...

My gosh! That's spectacular. And don't worry about the art procrastination. Just keep moving forward. Say it to yourself as you head for the paper and/or pencil and force yourself to pick it up in your hand. Keep saying to your self "keep moving forward" and touch the pencil to the surface and keep...moving... foward.

stanw said...

Love the great Mail Art you received.

On this Valentine's Day, remember, you are loved. It's not a 'feeling' a lot of the time, I find, but just that inner thing that helps me know I'm better than my faulty self-image. On this day, Dean, know you are a beautiful human being, worthy of love in it's deepest sense.

naturgesetz said...

I've checked out the Bismarck link. You've got some stiff competition there, especially the helmet collection, but it looks like fun.

That's quite a one-line drawing of you. (And the Darwin on the front isn't bad either.)

Also interesting is the stamp in the upper left, showing Gerda Halbritter, with dates I can't quite make out, but something in the past century and something in this one. I suppose, depending on Roland's age, it could be his wife or his mother.

And you keep coming up with attractive pictures of yourself!

Dean Grey said...


Awesome indeed!



I love it too!



Oh go on. You're just saying that because in your latest profile pic you're wearing glasses too! ^_^



That's so sweet of you!



I will take your advice! "Keep moving forward...."



Happy Valentine's Day!



Agreed! I hope to take part in the Otto Von Bismark art call!

And the date next to Gerda is 1924-2009.


I appreciate everyone letting me know what you think about this latest piece of mail art!


Mike said...

That's neat how the artist made that never lifting the pen. That's pretty awesome! You are very photogenic from what I've seen! No reason to cringe!

ryan field said...

Very Nice!!

"Now normally I cringe when I see pictures of myself but on the back of this mailing is a pen and ink portrait of me!"

You shouldn't're adorable :)

David K Small, artist said...

Perhaps you need to accept you do have a career in art. It may not pay the bills but it is what you do Dean. You are an artist, and it is your life career. Now you just need to get it to pay better, but accepting comes first. The new pic... I see you running into a phone booth now and coming out in a green cape. Captain Grey. One spin and all the clouds go away leaving behind a beautiful rainbow and a fine day for all.

We Blog Artists said...

Hey...this sounds like a good challenge..."DRAW DEAN!"...hmmm, you better watch out for a "Dean" post...I better make it good!
Are you competative?
Maybe this opportunity to take part in his Challenge would be a great...begining...again...
Anyway...I have my own Challenge to get on with...

J@v@JuNKo said...

HOW FUN!! I would love to send you mail Dean!! I hope you partake in the art challenge!!

Roland Halbritter said...

I suppose, depending on Roland's age, it could be his wife or his mother.

refering to the sentence above ---> yes it is my mother, who passed away last year, she never traveled a lot in her lifetime, so I gave her some nice travels now around the world with this artistamp.
You are all welcome to participate in my mail art call.

PS: Who ever wants to have a onelindrawing, I just need a nice portrait of you and your address.

MartininBroda said...

This is indeed an impressive portrait of you.
And since you made this link to Roland Halbritter and his blog “” I could make a post about his project in my own blog. So thank you very much for it.

Unknown said...

The One Line Dean is fantastic! Beautiful postcard! Isn't it great to receive 'classical' mail?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Glad for you, too.
And a big ole hug for taking care of your auntie and uncle.

Dean Grey said...


I thought Roland not lifting the pen to be pretty neat too!






Self-acceptance is easier said than done, David.

Chuckling at your Captain Grey comment!



Don't you dare draw me, Char! LOL



Fun indeed! You're more than welcome to exchange mail art with me!



Thanks for stopping by and explaining things!



You're quite welcome!



Yes it is!



I appreciate the hug!


Thanks to everybody for their feedback!


Susan Beauchemin said...

I love the one line portrait of you!!---very cool Hmmm Green Dean-------that's catchy!

Unknown said...

Wow - congrats - that is so cool! Great piece of art, and so amazing that it features you. Congrats!

artbyakiko said...

Wow! Great mail art! I LOVE IT!!

Tracey Clarke said...

Dean! This is so cool! BTW, keep pluggin away at the work.

robertga99 said...

how nice!

Dean Grey said...


Maybe I should change my name! ~_^



Am I lucky or what!






I'll keep pluggin' away at the work!



I agree with you, Bob!


All of your nice comments are greatly appreciated!


suzanneberry said...

Hold me, I'm frightened. Mine will never measure up. Stunning job the incredible artist did. I especially love the drawing of you on the back along with the use of the font. i'm scared.

L.Holm said...

This is SO cool, Dean. It's an amazing likeness, and I love the design. Sounds like a great project to participate in.

Dean Grey said...


LOL, your Mail Art to me will turn out just fine. No worries!



Mail Art is SO fun! It's very similar to the journal exchange you're doing right now on your blog!


Thanks to both of you ladies!


Carol Anne Strange said...

Good to meet you, Dean, and thanks so much for your message on my blog. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch. It's always inspiring to meet a kindred creative. Love & Bright Wishes.

Carol ((( * )))

PS Glad you like my name. It is my birth name so I'm very fortunate to have it. Strange by name, strange by nature. :-))

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Fabulous! You are so lucky, Dean! Now Get your sketchbook, and keep it on the kitchen table! Get another one (a little moleskin one) and stick it in the pocket of your jacket. Don't leave home without it! And get out of the house!:) Wish I lived closer, I would drag you on one of my 3 walks a day with Paco.. - then I'd ask you to sketch him, because for some reason I can't!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

p.s. it's my birthday mid-march.... hint-hint

Dean Grey said...


So good to meet you too!!



I'd love to go for a walk with Paco! Your birthday, mid-march? Are you trying to tell me something? LOL


I appreciate you two ladies stopping by!