Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Random tagging on freight trains.....


Anonymous said...

Having lived in NYC for 12 years once, I've always enjoyed graffiti (if it's done tastefully of course). I think it adds a little artistic flair to an otherwise bland concrete jungle. Although I do loathe seeing the scribble signatures on every telephone booth (do those still exist?), bathroom wall and inside subway cars.

Nice pictures!

robertga99 said...

Great Pics!

and I love your new profile pics too :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Very artistic work.

April Jarocka said...

Your camera has been busy....

Anonymous said...

I love these, especially number 4....

your new profile pic....very cute;)


BB said...

My favorite has to be the last one. "SAKE" I love looking at the art you post up here, it is great!

Meeko Fabulous said...

I've always admired some taggers work. The ones that really get into it with the detail and the colors and everything. :)

David K Small, artist said...

Glad you selected this subject for WW. I was just appreciating the art of graffiti in a new book about it. I think it takes courage to create something you know others will soon paint over. In my mind "graffiti" means temporary art, not vandalism. Thanks.

Dean Grey said...


I completely agree with you, Corey!



Thanks Bob! (^_^)



Glad you like them!



Yep, busy indeed!



Personally, I love the first one the best. Oh, and I'm glad you like my newest profile pic too!



The thing I like most about the last photo is the Union Pacific logo goes so well with the actual graffiti. It's almost like they were meant to be together!



Yes, I'm always impressed by how elaborate some of the tagging can get!



I love these as well!



Graffiti as "temporary art"? I love that notion!


I appreciate hearing what all of you think about these latest photographs!


RAD said...

taggin is kinda cool! I like it in the right place.... It is totally temp art!!!

ryan field said...

I found your blog through Ryan's blog. It's great.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You are too much, Dean - I just never know where your creative eye is going to take me! You know, I think these are beautiful, even though the people who OWN the trains might disagree. I wish the *artists* could go to school for graphic design!

Dean Grey said...


Cool indeed!



Welcome to my blog!



LOL. Yeah, I'm sure the owners of the trains weren't too pleased about all of this!


Thanks to the three of you for your comments!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

On our drive to Florida we passed a long train and every car was painted in this fashion. The thing is that it looked like art. Like it was supposed to be there. I like the stylized letters, too. This shows me that you're out of bed ;)
Makes me happy ********

Carolina said...

Great graffiti pics... You're no longer a nuclear physicist? ;) I like your new photo, you look too cute!
Best regards,

jason said...

I once got stopped at a train crossing for about 20 minutes.
I was irritated until rail car after rail car filed past each tagged with better and more elaborate graffiti than the next.
Like a rolling gallery!

L.Holm said...

Love these!! Really love the 4th one down. fun fun fun.
super pic of you, oh handsome one.

Dean Grey said...


"Like it was supposed to be there."

I like that, Mary, and couldn't have said it better myself!



That's very sweet of you to say!



A rolling gallery indeed!





The four of you chiming in is very much appreciated!


Unknown said...

What a fantastic set of shots, Dean! Great collection of graffiti on trains here.

Dean Grey said...


That's quite a compliment coming from such a fantastic photographer as yourself!


Bo said...

Great photos!

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for checking them out!


Unknown said...

Nice photography and interesting tags. I like trains. Use to ride them in Brazil.

Dean Grey said...


I live right across the street from several train tracks so something is always moving along, it seems.