Friday, January 22, 2010

525,600 minutes.....

Welcome to my journey.

That's how I ended my very first post one year ago today.

My intention for starting this blog was to get my artwork out there. A place to display my drawings and paintings over the internet. But it became much more than that. This blog allowed me to share my creative process and ideas.

It also became an open diary of sorts where I exposed my struggles and fears and pain along the way.....the stumbling blocks that kept me from creating a life in art.

And perhaps most importantly, it allowed me to connect with other artists and bloggers from around the world, sharing your stories with me in return.

On those terribly lonely days when I'm feeling depressed, teary-eyed, and friendless, there is a wonderful support system of online friends waiting.

When I want to give up completely, you are there saying, "Keep going, Dean!"

It means more to me than you'll ever know.

A little something for everyone from my sketchbook

I don't think long-term anymore. It makes me sad to do so. I'm not sure where I'll be or if I'll be here at all, but I do wonder how my second year of blogging will go. What will come of it? I asked myself the exact same thing after completing my very first post.

I guess venturing into the unknown is part of the journey.

Thank you all so very much for being a part of it!

Happy Anniversary, Exploding Doughnut!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! I've really enjoyed following along. Keep up the great work!

Octavius said...

That's cool man..., Happy Anniversary.

Looking forward to what you have in store for us.


Anonymous said...

I came to your blog late in the game, but I am so glad I did...your struggles and how you have dealt with them have helped me when facing some of mine...I dont think long term any more either, but I will admitt I look forward to moving forward in this journey with such friends in the blog world as yourself.


David K Small, artist said...

Glad you know you do have supporters Dean. Makes me want to go buy a thick jelly donut in your honor, and then squash it - make all the innards explode out. Too bad I am not a pastry killer. Happy Anniversary. May the next year’s blog be filled with more words of joy than sorrow - and LOTS OF ART !

Meeko Fabulous said...

Happy Anniversary to Exploding Doughnut! :) Hope you're doing well Dean. *hugs*

Mike said...

Venturing into the unknown is the journey ... that's what keeps life exciting!

Thinking long-term is the same as making lists for me - never seems to work; but the pleasure gained from those unexpected, unplanned 'happenings', moments and encounters outweighs the apparent loss of control ...

Keep on keeping on - you're doing great things.

Here's to the next year ... and the next ... and the next ...

Joey said...

Dean -

I am one of the many who have enjoyed getting to know you, your passion, and your art. You are one incredible individual. I have enjoyed our talks and look forward to many, many more. I am excited to see what this year has in store for you. I hope that you will finally be able to find the happiness you deserve.

Take care of yourself.
- JC

Sandra Darling Visual Art Creations said...

I have just begun a similar journey .... and I don't think any of us know where it is going to go .... it's an organic process .... congrats on the 1 year mark!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary friend! I'm happy you came onto the web and shared your soul with us, and that we've been able to chat too! Lovin the new pics too! I've really enjoyed your art and your writings and look forward to year 2!!!

Much good vibe your way (rhymes with Dean haha)...

Randuwa said...


The pleasure is mine. The journey, though unique, doesn't have to be solitary. Anytime you want or need someone to walk beside--just let me know.


bK said...

I'm excited to see what you have in store for the blogging world! Happy anniversary!

Unknown said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Dean! I remember the first time I saw your blog was when you posted Chicago's giant chrome doughnut. I've been a fan ever since. Here's to many more years of your art and blogging.

Unknown said...

I've enjoyed being along for the ride for the short time that I've been reading.

My Flow Chart said...

Congrats !!! Now I am sure we all expect there will be a year Two as well. You have a gift and it's appreciated that you are willing to share it here.

Peter said...

Congratulations Dean! Time flies, doesn't it?!

jason said...

yeay!!!! congrats.
(and no, don't ever give up:)

RAD said...

Happy B day!! I started my blog on 1-18 a few years ago too! Cheers to many more buddy! xx

Eduardo Guize said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, Dean! And of course you need to keep going. Don't think long-term if it hurts. One step at a time.

Dean Grey said...





I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all!



That's very sweet of you to say!



LOL David!



I am doing well!



I shall keep on keeping on!



I appreciate that, Joey!



Yes, blogging is very much an organic process!



The kind words are very much appreciated!



Thanks for that!


B. Kushner!




Awww, I'm a fan of yours too!


green and purple!

How nice of you!


My Flow Chart!

Welcome to The Doughnut Gang!



As the saying goes, "Time flies whether you're having fun or not!"



I'll try not to give up!



Cheers to you on your anniversary then!



Yeah, one step at a time is working better for me right now.


Thanks to ALL of you for the congratulatory comments!!


Writer said...

Happy Anniversary! :D

Manon said...

Congrats Dean! You know... I feel the same about my blog! I started as one thing and became sooooo much more! It's also fabulous that we are surrounded by people with the same interests.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Happy anniversary, from an erratic, but devoted reader!
G =]

naturgesetz said...


I've been tied up in various ways and just saw this (and the previous) post.

Congrats on the anniversary! I'm really glad to have met you here. I hope you'll continue to share your thoughts and work with us.

BTW, I think the current profile pic makes you look like a young Fulton J. Sheen — and that's a compliment.


You've got some great stuff on here. There's no reason you shouldn't be going places with it. If you want some tips on how to break in to making money out of your art, just drop me a note. I was feeling much like you not so very long ago. Living with uncertainty, doubt, unfulfilled desire, and feeling battered and fatigued by the fact I felt there was absolutely no future in my art, for it or for me. It's not true... at least it seems that way, has done for two years now. So I know there IS hope for the depressed/frustrated artist. =)


Dean Grey said...


Thank you!



I knew of all people that you'd understand!


Doomed But Cheerful!

Thanks for your devotion!



No one, and I do mean NO ONE has compared me with an archbishop before! LOL



Well, you are a super-talent so I'm certain that helps. The fact that you're able to make a living off of your work gives me hope!


Everyone's kind words are very much appreciated!


stanw said...

One year, Congratulations Dean! Sure am glad I found your blog, you are such a thoughtful writer, letting us know the real man behind the face, and that guy is worth knowing. Also your simply amazing artistry, one of which I am so glad to have. Take good care.

Mike said...

I've enjoyed seeing your artwork and getting to know you!!!

Aaron said...

Dean, you know that I love your blog more than many other blogs I read and follow. :) You are an incredible, incredible person, and I genuinely have a lot of love for you (not in any form of relationship kind of way) because you're brutally, yet beautifully honest and raw at the same time.

Happy Blogniversary and I am so glad you start blogging. :)

Dean Grey said...


You are too kind!



Same here!



Your support is always appreciated!


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen for commenting!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Happy Blogiversary, Dean! Reading your blog, and JUST KNOWING YOU"RE THERE makes my day sometimes. Thanks for sharing, for reading our posts and making thoughtful comments on them, for opening your heart and being open to ours. It matters. You matter.

amar said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm sorry I haven't been by lately. I do enjoy your blog very much. It's nice to watch you grow as an artist and a writer. And so much of what you wrote has hit home and helped me along my journey.

I wish you much peace and success,


Dean Grey said...


Awww, how sweet of you to say!



No apologies necessary. I'm glad my writing has struck a chord with you!


I appreciate hearing from you both!


Carolina said...

Belated happy anniversary, Dean!
We started our blogs very closely in time, but you certainly made a very personal space out of yours. I think you're very brave to share your inner self with us. I wish many more posts to come and a lot of good energy in your new illustration adventure!
Best regards,

Dean Grey said...


Gracias mi amiga!


Kimberly Loomis said...

I'm new to your blog, but I wanted to comment anyway.

We've lived in a state of no security since my husband got laid off a year ago.

He's had time to pursue his music, which is great, but it's taken the whole year for me to be able to accept this tension as a part of life and find joy in it anyway.

Now I have a job, and it's great, but it's taking care of an 89 year old, well, no security in that either.

Joy is elusive, but it's there, even in the scary times!

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for commenting and for sharing your story with me!

I guess I'll just have to look a little harder for the joy then.


Anonymous said...

First off,
I love the Rent reference. I absolutely adore Rent. Jonathan Larson was... beyond genius.
Wow, you really listen, don't you? I didn't expect you to answer, but you really seemed interested. I had such a bad day, and you really put some sun into it. Dean, thank you so much. I really can't thank you enough just for caring. I apologize for not commenting more often. I've been silently reading your blog for what I believe to be three weeks now, and I regret not commenting. It gives me such joy when people comment on my blog, because it seems like they care.
Thank you for the hug,

Dean Grey said...


Thank YOU for reading my old blogposts and for commenting on them!