Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Suzanne....you've got mail!!

Continuing the "Mail Art Tradition", I exchanged addresses with the highly-talented Suzanne Berry last month.

I finally finished my mail art to her!

Here it is!

Markers and ink on standard mailing envelope - 5" x 7" (NFS)

Originally I planned on creating something "cutesy". Butterflies sitting on a mushroom, surrounded by flowers. You know, pretty things. But that felt soooo contrived and it made me put down the project for a while.

I wanted something with real meaning to it! Something I could identify with. A piece of myself in the actual artwork.

So while listening to my Gundam Wing soundtrack and flipping through the CD's booklet, I thought about doing a face, specifically in a manga style, which I haven't done in ages.

The concept was born and the rest naturally blossomed!

This is my first piece of mail art done entirely in color! Hooray!! Since the artwork is the actual envelope itself and will eventually be mailed, I wasn't sure if I could use paints on this. Instead, I decided on markers with black ink for the details. Looks very much like anime, no?

The backside!

The back of the envelope reads, "Cry for me. Cry for me. Cry for me. Bleed away the pain. The most beautiful colors ran down her neck."

Suzanne has been going through some rough patches last month. God knows I can relate to that! So I thought maybe this lady would inspire her a bit.

A lot of work went into this and yet again I'm worried, frightened even, that some devious postal worker is just going to keep this piece of mail art for themselves! They better not!!!

Enjoy Suzanne! This was a lot of fun to create! Can't wait to see what you mail me in return!


Anonymous said...

DEAN! (hehe)
I love how you used the gay reindeer with the red earring LOL. I had to send out some cards yesterday and saw that exact stamp.

The art is pretty cool too.

The Painted Nest said...

Wonderful work Dean!!! I'm sure she'll LOVE it~!! Once again you out did yourself!! It's nice to see you creating, and still pouring from your sweet soul!!!! It feels soooo good to color, dosen't it!!!~~Still watching over you, mama Deb

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pieces of art! I hope your letter arrives safely to her.

Anonymous said...

beautiful work, and beautiful thoughts.....amazing, just like the artist;)

Meeko Fabulous said...

Dean! That is gorgeous! I love your writing too. :)

R. Burnett Baker said...

Love this! I especially like the poem on the back. Beautiful, Dean....

BTW I did look at the artwork you suggested and enjoyed it. The water damaged paper over a window was my favorite.

I'm constantly taking cell phone pics, sometimes colorizing them on the laptop, and tying them in with my poetry. It's fun, and sometimes thought provoking. But everyone at work thinks I'm a wingnut.

Well.....Keeps me off the streets!


Dean Grey said...


But what if the reindeer is a she?

Betcha didn't think about that one, now did you!


The Painted Nest!

Yes, Deb, it feels absolutely great to color!



I hope it arrives safely to her too!



That's awfully nice of you to say!



I'm glad you're back! I missed you!



I checked out your blog and saw the poetry and your pictures. And you're right, sometimes a photograph can inspire words to go with it and vice versa.


I appreciate all of you letting me know what you think!


Manon said...

Loooove her Dean!! What a great piece!!


Tracey Clarke said...

This is really beautiful, Dean.

stanw said...

Dean, I love everything about it, colors, detail, composition, you're writing, looks great! She will love it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, dear, I'm afraid they're much more likely to merely discard it for violating standards of mailed items. I wouldn't count on your average disgruntled postal employee to be able to recognize this for what it's worth.

Dean Grey said...


I love her too!



Thank you!



So glad you like it!



Actually, this piece of mail art shouldn't be violating any postal standards.

I'm still new to the whole "mail art" world and I'm being very careful in how I design the envelope to ensure it can indeed be mailed!



First off, don't ever feel foolish for commenting on my work even if you don't have an artistic background. I value ALL feedback, whether they're from artists or not.

You're not the first person to tell me to go back to school. It's always in the back of my mind but I don't really have an interest in going back just yet....if ever.

I do agree that I need to do something with my art on a more professional level. That will come with time though. You can't rush the process IMHO.

Your suggestions are absolutely noted!


Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments!


Carolina said...

Dean, I love it!
It's full of passion (those cuts? on her neck ...!!!...) Very impressive...
And congratulations on the awards, well deserved!
Best regards,

Kathleen Coy said...

Wow Dean, she is beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Whoa, Dean! This is tres cool! I just love how you have done her face, every part of it. I'm jealous. Lucky Suzanne.

Dean Grey said...


Yep, those are indeed cuts on her neck with colored blood running down.



Thank you!



What a great compliment!


I appreciate the fabulous comments from you three ladies!


jason said...

Beautiful! I can't say I'd blame the postman if he stole it, however. :)

M said...

Dean -- Love the line of your artwork, and the attention to detail. I'm sure you've been published here and there. I work with illustrators all the time and know quality when I see it. Lots of emotion evident; really nice.
Have a great weekend,

artbyakiko said...

Hi Dean! This mail art of yours is AWESOME. I'm speechless. You are so creative and talented. Your art will give a big thrill to each mail person who handles your work.

Dean Grey said...


Don't encourage him!



Actually, I've never had my work published....yet!



You know, it never dawned on me until reading your comment that a whole bunch of people will be handling and seeing this mail art on its destination.

How cool is that!


Thanks to the three of you for the wonderful words!


sMacThoughts said...

wow, this is fantabulous!

Aaron said...

it looks crazily awesome! :) OMFG! OMFGMARSHMELLOWS!!!!!

It's so awesome in so many ways. 1. It's very cleverly crafted and every detail is so fine! The lines are perfect! 2. It's obvious that you did it with emotions.


Dean Grey said...





How nice of you to say! I definitely put a lot of detail into this envelope and wanted it to be full of emotion!

(((HUGS back at ya!)))


I appreciate the enthusiastic comments from the both of you!


BumbleVee said...

I know I would chicken out at the last moment...and stuff it inside a larger envelope! It's lovely...

I love faces...but, more than that... eyes .....

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!!

I actually thought about putting the Mail Art in a larger envelope myself!

Glad you noticed the eyes. I wanted them to be really expressive.

Thanks again!