Sunday, October 11, 2009

When the urge strikes.....

I feel like I'm a nomad, packing and unpacking from place to place. I'll just have to get used to it....for now.

I've been staying at my aunt and uncle's for several days at a time, then go back home for a day or two, then return to their house all over again.

The good news is that my aunt and uncle are in better spirits compared with last month. My uncle started his first chemotherapy treatment this week and thankfully all it did was just make him extremely tired. We can deal with that!

We were told that the chemo would have an accumulative effect as the treatments progressed. So as the weeks go on, he'll get sicker and sicker. But we're trying not worry about it until it happens.

I've been charged with putting away all the outdoor things from their backyard and chose a rainy day earlier in the week to get started (I love the rain). I rolled up and stored the garden hoses and will be wrapping up the central air conditioning unit soon.

As I disconnected the backyard sprinkler and placed it on the pavement, my eyes caught its reflection in a shallow rain puddle.

I'm sure every artist gets that feeling where you see something and know you MUST draw/paint it! It's like an itch you have to scratch!

So at that moment, I sat down on an old bucket, rested a giant umbrella over my head to protect my sketchbook, and franticly sketched away.

The unusually cold weather didn't deter me but I was chilled to the bone. By the time I was finally done, my fingertips were slightly numb! Oh the things I continue to do for my art!

But I had to capture it down on paper before the sprinkler was officially put away for the winter. The urge had to be satisfied!


naturgesetz said...

I'm glad you do such things for your art and that you satisfied your urge so well.

It really is a gift to see the beauty in ordinary things.

Dolores said...

The sprinkler looks like a cute little person. I'm glad the urge to draw hit you. Hope it happens more often.
Take care.

Randuwa said...

Beautiful! Creating is not only a desire that must be satisfied, it's life giving. Never stop reaching for something new, something more. It doesn't have to be grand, in fact, it's often rather mundane -- and that's the secret.

Anonymous said...

LOL! ^_^

Dean Grey said...


That's very kind of you!



I hope it happens more often too!



I will continue to try reaching for something new and better!





I appreciate the four of you chiming in!


Anonymous said...

I love creative urges like that. I'm the same way with photography. Sometimes I just need to capture an image.

Dean Grey said...


You bring up a good point. I guess everyone, not just artists, have the urge to capture an image from time to time.


Carolina said...

Great drawing, Dean. I love 'desperate' art too :)
And I like your Wednesday photo a lot, it's just beatutiful, has great depth, it's lovely!
Hope everything goes well with you and your uncle and aunt.
Best regards,

melanie said...

I love the way that happens, that urge to capture and create, lovely drawing and i appreciate the story that goes with it, wishing you a positive outcome for your Aunty and Uncle'

suzanneberry said...

Dean, beautiful sketch! Amazing photo below it! I'm so happy the urge is strong. And glad to hear your uncle is doing better. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep creating, keep healing. best, suz

Meeko Fabulous said...

I love it! :) I'm always so jealous when I see your artwork Dean! I was always told to just "draw what you see" and when I do that . . . It just looks like a five year old did it! LOL :) Hope you're having a good day.

Kathleen Coy said...

Way cool, I always love your sketches, Dean!

Giving in to the urge, and taking the time to capture an image is a great feeling, both with art and photography. :-)

jason said...

See, I'd never even noticed the beauty of a sprinkler before. That's a gift! :)

Dean Grey said...


"Desperate Art"? I like the sound of that!



I love the way that happens too!



Glad you like the sketch! The urge to create comes and goes, depending on my mood.



I've thought about Art Therapy as a profession but I'd much rather work out my OWN issues through art than have to watch someone else paint out THEIR problems.

It's in the back of my mind though!



I've seen some five-year-olds that can draw pretty well!



Yes, it is a great feeling!



That's nice of you to say!


Thanks to all of you for the kind comments and well wishes for my aunt and uncle!


kayray said...

LOVE IT! I am so jealous right now! I cannot even draw stick figures!

AndyDrewby said...

Nice sketch. I like that you have something so connected to summer in a rain puddle and autumn leaves. Nice contrast.

Dean Grey said...


Haha, that's very nice of you!



Yes, it's that time of year where Summer is ending and Fall is beginning.


Thanks to the both of you!