Sunday, October 4, 2009

For a limited time only!

Smack dab on the side of a dark building. Next to a vacant lot filled with weeds and rubble. Surrounded by a tall, chain-link fence.

An unexpected piece of street art!

I had a job interview earlier in the week near the West Loop and this just caught my eye!

Close-up shot! Doesn't he look cute!

This little yellow guy popped against the all-black wall. From a distance I thought maybe someone painted a bee. Upon closer inspection though it's some kind of robot/anime/video game-type character that's been pasted onto the brick surface.

Very cool!

In another week this will most likely be painted over so I thought to capture it with my camera before his fate is sealed.

Here's some tagging a couple blocks down from that spot. Sorry, the letters are being obscured by the lower building. I'd have to climb onto the roof to get a better shot (and yes, I did look for a fire escape....I will go to great lengths to get a good picture!).

I love the color combinations here. Something about the pink, red, and black that look great together.

I'm so impressed at how some people can pull this off without getting caught, using only spray paint, markers, and limited time.

It all makes me want to start doing some street art of my own! Before you know it I'll be marking up storefront windows and spray painting the sides of buildings!

Hahaha no, I'm too much of a goody-two-shoes to vandalize other people's least as of now!

Just wanted to share my discoveries with you all. Now time for me to buy some spray paint! Kidding!!


Unknown said...

That is too looks fresh and you had the keen sense of observation to find it! Thanks for memorializing it and sharing!

Dolores said...

Good luck with the job.

Dean Grey said...


That's exactly what I tried to do....memorialize them before they were removed.


Anonymous said...

You dont get alot of that around New Buffalo where I live...but when ever I drive into Chicago Im always so on the look out for it...I too find it cool that they dont get caught, I mean some of it is very detailed, it must take awhile to do it..right? Maybe the cops are actually art lovers and look a blind eye while they are doing there art......either way Im with you, I love it;)

Quincifer said...

Nice finds! I love discovering art like that, unfortunately it doesn't happen very often where I live.

pathetic prophet said...

Please have an idea how wonderful you are! Most people I know wouldn't notice it at all, or would complain about vandalism. Very few would recognize it for what it is. Thank you for sharing these wonders with us. Shalom

Dean Grey said...


Too late! I already got a rejection e-mail this morning for that job!



You're right. Some of the tagging can be quite elaborate. Maybe your theory about the Chicago police is correct!



Welcome aboard! Glad you like them!


pathetic prophet!

You're quite welcome!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your discoveries! I take photos to preserve things too. Thanks to the digital age, I can take as many as I like!

Very nice blog.

Dean Grey said...


Thank God for digital cameras!

I appreciate you taking a look!


Manon said...

Love street art! I carry my point and shoot in my purse for moments like that. Glad I'm not alone!!

BTW.... good luck with the JOB!!


jason said...

oh no! Sorry about that job.

I'm hoping a better one comes along.

Great photos!

And, I learned something.
(re: history of "goody two shoes"! So today's not been a complete waste after all....just a partial waste :)

Dean Grey said...


I always try to bring my camera with me too! You just never know what you'll find!

Sorry, but I already found out I wasn't picked for that job!



Don't fret. It was just a temp-job anyway. I hope something better comes along too!

I'm glad you now know who Goody-Two-Shoes is!

It feels good to be useful!


Thanks to the both of you for chiming in!


elsie said...

I secretly LOVE well done artistic graffiti, shhhhhhhhhhh...

wonderful job salvaging your depression self portrait, it's so much more than salvaged actually it's GENIUS!!!


I think it's time to "cheat" on your lover...

Dean Grey said...


Don't worry, I won't tell anyone! (~_^)

Thanks for the kind words on my "Depressed" self-portrait!

Your line about "cheating" on my lover made me smile.

Thanks again!


stanw said...

Love the 'found art', it really is well done. Sorry you didn't get the job but you must of had a good day because your post is positively upbeat. 'Not' kidding!!

Having a camera in hand for those unexpected sightings is definitely a plus, so many times I've missed something that I'd never see again.

Take care.

Dean Grey said...


I did start out that day on an upbeat note but after the interview was over I felt really down again. (Long story).

However, I am thankful to have come across those two pieces of street art!

Glad you enjoyed them!


Ekanthapadhikan said...

Street arts or anything that requires me to take a paint in my hands excites me like hell. But as fate'd have it, my cat'd look just like my dog if I try sketching a pic. of them. I'm no good at it as much as Schumacher in a soccer field!

Dean Grey said...


At least you tried, right?

-Dean (^_^)