Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strawberries sketch

They're one of the first plants in our garden to emerge. One of the definitive signs of Spring. Charming, cute, and oh-so petite. I'm talking about strawberries of course!

Here's a sketch I did earlier this morning of the strawberry plants in our backyard.

I love the shape of their leaves and the "runners" they send out which produce new plants. Our strawberries have mostly flowered and began bearing tiny, unripened fruit.

As I was sketching these on the grass, a spider raced across my sketchbook! Eeek! I tried shooing it away but the thing ran underneath into the other pages! When I flipped through the sketchbook the spider was gone....probably back onto the grass. Hopefully!

And just after that, an ant started crawling on one of the strawberry's leaves. Another bug that's always in a hurry (or are they just shy?). I quickly made him/her part of my sketch!

Strawberry plants from the garden

Our now deceased neighbor actually gave us these plants from her yard several years ago (that makes them even more special).

She gave us several of her "offspring" which we planted in front of the vegetable garden. Every year since, they spread and kept on spreading. They make awesome little borders (see photo above)!

Can you believe after all this praise about this plant that I don't even like eating strawberries!


Unknown said...

Beautiful Dean!!1 Great job. You have a real gift for drawing.

Flower said...

Beautiful, Dean. I admire artist. You are so blessed to have this gift!

Carolina said...

That "punch line" did surprise me! I thought you would end telling us all the ways you enjoy them... :)
Now I see sketching them IS your way!
They're beautiful, you're so lucky to have them on your backyard...

Dean Grey said...





Thank you as well!



Haha, I got you! I like the texture and "crunch" of strawberries but not really their taste.

To each his own, I guess!


I appreciate hearing from you three ladies!


Kathleen Coy said...

Dean, you have a real talent for botanical drawing. Love it!

AndyDrewby said...

Nice. Makes me think of the smell of hot ripe strawberries in the summer sun.

Anonymous said...

you've caught sunshine on the page Dean, good shadows too. My strawberries are all withering away every since I put them in a large pot with little pockets on the side: the idea being that they would fall gracefully from top to bottom with lovely flowers and strawberries... I think this was a bad idea and I should have left them in the soil. r.

Dean Grey said...





Some of my strawberries are starting to ripen already!



I'm glad you noticed the shadows on the leaves. I sketched the strawberry plants in the early morning with very little overhead light. Then when I went to put in the finishing touches during the mid-afternoon I noticed all the dramatic shadows and had to add them!

So sorry to hear about your strawberry plants. If you lived near me I'd give you some of mine! But Chicago and the UK are not exactly close to one another!


Thank you all for the nice comments!


Anonymous said...

Nice drawing - and great idea to post the photo too!

Dean Grey said...

Thanks, Anna T.!