Friday, June 26, 2009

Nothing lasts forever.....

"Fuck you and your mother."

"This shit don't work."

"Don't fuck with me in this heat!"

That's pretty much what I've listened to this past week. The building next door is having its roof replaced and the construction workers' conversations are....let's just say it's good no children are present.

The neighbor's roof in its original glory

Hammers pounding. Saws cutting. Debris flying. Amidst the yelling and crashing around me I started to feel sad.

From my window I've seen our neighbor's roof every day.

The light gray shingles were familiar, unchanging....almost soothing to the eye. Ornate yet simple. Vintage and old-fashioned (much like the original owner who lived 'til her mid-90's and died about a year-and-a-half-ago).

Devastated and made bare

It reminds me that nothing remains constant. Seems like everything is changing around me but I'm not. Like I'm falling behind. Stuck. Failing.

I'll be losing my job next month. What if I can't adapt to that? What if I can't change with the changes? How long can I last?

Or am I over analyzing this way too much? We are talking about a roof getting remodeled for God's sake!

The new roof. How boring and modern!

Nail guns popping. Air compressors whirring. Boards banging.

Of all the "colorful" exchanges between the roofers, my absolute favorite was, "I don't wanna girlfriend. I fuck strippers!"

Classy. Real classy.

Loud, cocky, foul-mouthed construction workers....gotta love 'em. Reminds me of my father.

Some things never change....


Unknown said...

You have a wonderful story telling style. I'm sure this rather large pothole in the road [ losing your job] is going to lead to a much better opportunity for you Dean.

naturgesetz said...

You're right about things not lasting forever. We try to hold on to what we like, but it's not wise to get too attached.

The old roof was definitely more interesting to look at.

If your job doesn't get saved somehow, you will change with the changes. I hope you will do it well enough to cope comfortably. But we humans do adapt to changes around us.

Hang in there.

Do you always announce sales of your artwork on your blog, or should I hop over to ebay to make sure I don't miss anything?

Carolina said...

Hi Dean!
You'll do fine on your next job, I promise!
And I like the old roof better, too... it's a pitty they changed it...
Best regards,

Dean Grey said...


Thank you! Let's hope so!



Your words of wisdom are always welcome here!

Regarding my eBay sales.

If you want to see what artwork is available for purchase check my seller name on eBay: deangreystudio

I will be posting a permanent link from here to there soon! (Most likely under my blog's About Me profile to the left).



Thank you too!


I appreciate the input from you three!


Kathleen Coy said...

Lol, very colorful story Dean! And yes, the old roof was so much nicer!
But you can adapt and you can change...because YOU are the one creating your life!

Have a great weekend! :-)

MartininBroda said...

“Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis.” The time changes and changes us. That’s true and sometimes sad, the old roof was indeed better.

Dean Grey said...


I hope you're right!



I appreciate the quote.

And yes, the old roof was better.


Thank you two for the comments!


Unknown said...

OMGoodness, I thought I had come to the wrong blog for a minute! LOL! Whew!!! Yes, my father had a similar mouth. Surprising, I really work on refraining from that kind of language...I just don't want anyone to be able to tell from the way I talk that my Dad had a potty mouth.

Dean Grey said...

We have something in common, TattingChic!

I also refrain from swearing for that EXACT reason.

But it sure does feel good typing an occasional "Fuck You" and "Shit!" every now and again! (^_^)

Thanks for stopping by!


Meeko Fabulous said...

My virgin ears! :) Such foul language!

Dean Grey said...

Sorry Meeko!



Unknown said...

Dad did woodworking as a hobby. He said nails and glue held better with a dose of hells and damns.

Dean Grey said...


LOL, I love that.