Monday, June 29, 2009

Cloudy day in Chicago!

Michigan Ave. and Van Buren looking towards Lake Michigan

I'm working on some paintings at the moment but in the meantime thought I'd show you some lovely photos of the Windy City.

Backyard shot!

It was extremely cloudy today. Full, mountainous clouds filled the sky from every nook and cranny. A cumulus invasion overtaking Chicago!

Another pic from the backyard!

There's such a grand sense of depth and freeness when the sky looks like this. Everything is so much more visually interesting....almost romantic. Wouldn't you agree?

Looking southwest of Chicago while waiting for my train

The following quote sums it all up rather nicely.....

"How sweet to be a cloud floating in the blue!"


Unknown said...

You're up late.... Beautiful cloud images.... thanks for sharing!

Kathleen Coy said...

Cool cloud pics, Dean. You know I love Clouds, lol...(Actually, he was named after the Final Fantasy character.) But to this day I still love to find animals, dragons, (and the occasional body part) in the clouds, heehee!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Those are beautiful shots Dean! :) P.S. I was being facetious about yesterday's post! ;)

Dean Grey said...


You're quite welcome!



Believe it or not, I did think of Cloud while posting these images. That dog is such a cutie!!



I know you were joking. Does that mean I can swear again in my next post?! *(~_^)


Thank you three for stopping by!


Carolina said...

Great shots, Dean. I love the blue beneath the clouds...

Anonymous said...

Dean, lovely shots! I'm a cloud freak! I especially like the last photo "while waiting for my train"...nice composition with the power lines and streetlamp!!!

MartininBroda said...

These pictures of great sky are indeed nicely and the quote is it too, it gives a better feeling than the famous one where all spirits were melted into thin air.

Dean Grey said...


I like the blue color as well!



Glad you enjoyed these shots!





I appreciate you three chiming in!


Michael Naples said...

I remember that view of the first pic. I went to school on the corner of Michigan and Van Buren. AAA baby!

Dean Grey said...

Yes, Mike, and I was in several of your classes!

If I recall correctly we could see that view from Fundamentals class.

Caesar, Amy, Ed, Heather, Kathy. Remember all of them? *sigh* I sure do miss the good ole' days!