Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicago's Millennium Park at Night!! (Part 2)

Another Wednesday. Another late night getting out of work.

It was time to revisit Millennium Park yesterday. My original post showed just a fraction of what this world class park has to offer. Now prepare to be amazed as you see the rest of Millennium Park at night! *oohs and ahhs from the crowd*

The very first photo is of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion where all the free, outdoor concerts are held. Much like the back of Crown Fountain, the pavilion changes a series of colors from blues, to purples, to oranges, to reds (see below).

Next up, on the way to Lurie Garden is the boardwalk with its wading pool. A narrow corridor with wooden planks where you can literally stick your feet in the water when it's too hot out.

The boardwalk and the canal

It's very dimly lit in this particular area. It's no surprise to me that there were several couples sitting here necking with their partner.

Crown Fountain with a smiling Chicagoan

In part one I showed you the back of  The Crown Fountain. Here is a frontal shot of one of the towers. You'll note an image of a Chicagoan appears on the huge screen. This random face will stare at you and occasionally smile. 

Crown Fountain with a spitting Chicagoan. Where are her manners?!

Then after about five minutes he/she will pucker their lips and "spit" out water down below! Gross and cool at the same time!

The Art Institute's Modern Wing

Here's a shot of the new Modern Wing at night. It's the newest addition from the Art Institute with a bridge that connects right into the heart of Millennium Park. I love that heavenly white glow!

Boom! Sizzle! Ka-pow!

A neat little thing during the summer is the fireworks show at Navy Pier which just happens to occur on Wednesday evenings! How lucky am I!! Up above is a blurry shot of the fireworks from the park looking towards Navy Pier.

And last but not least, down below is the BP bridge looking east towards the Loop. This metallic silver, s-shaped bridge winds like a snake over Columbus Drive, allowing you amazing views of the park and the skyline!

BP bridge with the city as its backdrop

The spicy-sweet smell of nearby flowering bushes lingered in the cool air and amazing architecture was everywhere. It was just terribly romantic. No wonder there were so many families and couples here.

It's always a bittersweet thing coming to places like this. I have no one to share it with but I'd rather see it by myself than not at all.

Seeing the skyscrapers from BP bridge was just awesome. The wind played with my hair and all the lights lit up my soul. Everything looked so vast and open. I took it all in and felt so free. So free!!

In that moment I never wanted to go home. I just wanted to run for it. To escape and never look back.

After over an hour standing on that bridge overlooking the vibrant cityscape, reality set in. I had to catch my train. Back to the mundane routine, the crummy job, the despondency, the unfulfilled life.

I'm glad I got to experience the freedom for a little while though. Until next time my dearest Chicago.....


Unknown said...

Hi Dean, thanks for the little tour, it was so cool! And I know what you mean about feeling so free there, sometimes that happens when you are in a beautiful or peaceful place. You almost feel transcended.
Hey, your hibiscus is gorgeous!

S.B. said...

I have to say, I have been to Millennium Park and it is pretty cool. I didn't go at night, but perhaps next time I will. Really cool pics!

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the pics and the wonderfully evocative narrative.

It's too bad we can't always live in the euphoria of moments such as those you describe, but it's great to have such a beautiful mini-vacation available every time you work late.

Fireworks are very difficult to photograph with an automatic shutter. Whenever I tried, the shutter was open so long that the unsteadiness of my hand caused streaks.

Kathleen Coy said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks Dean, for sharing your night. :-)

Katherine said...

Thank you Dean for sharing your beautiful downtown Chicago with us. I have always wanted to visit there. I can by going to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you appreciate beauty more when you are alone. When all you have to contemplate is the perfection of the world around you. Being alone is both a curse and blessing. It's like you are the one castaway adrift in a sea of strange human faces. You can either look to the stars and chart a course or slip beneath the water. The peace of being alone is profound. Being lonely is being alone without being at peace. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Unknown said...

wow... now my lists of places to visit has to include Chicago. You should be their official ambassador!

Dean Grey said...


Glad you liked my tour and the hibiscus painting!



Millennium Park is gorgeous during the nighttime! Next time you're in Chicago you MUST go at night!



Yes, every late night after work I get to see Chicago in all its lit up glory!

As far as photographing fireworks. Well let's just say I went through a ridiculous amount of shots and all I could capture was the one I showed you all.



Thanks for looking!



You must see it in person!! It's even better!



I appreciate your words of wisdom. I agree, there is something powerful about being alone.

And you're right, being alone and lonely are two different things.

I hope I can find what I'm looking for too!



Come on down! Chicago would be happy to have you!


Thank you all for the wonderful comments about The Windy City!


Carolina said...

This is a nice post, beautiful shots and descriptions... the cherry on top of it all is, for me, the lady's spitting image (cool and grose, I agree).
Hope you're feeling better by now, cheers for you Dean!

Meeko Fabulous said...

I love that fireworks shot! :) Hope you don't mind if I follow . . .

Dean Grey said...


Crown Fountain spitting down on you is really something to behold!


Meeko Fabulous!

That was the ONLY fireworks shot that turned out! LOL

And no, I don't mind if you follow......(~_^)


Thank you both for the nice comments!


artbyakiko said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them, Dean. I'm glad that you had a wonderful experience of the freedom. There is nothing like freedom.

Dean Grey said...

Thanks Akiko!

Let freedom ring! LOL


S J D said...

these photos of the park are stunning! The boardwalk is especially captivating

Dean Grey said...

S J D!

Thanks for stopping by!

Isn't Chicago photogenic?

If you like these, please take a look at "Chicago's Millennium Park at Night!" (Part 1).

Thanks again!