Tuesday, May 19, 2009

W.I.P. Hibiscus Painting - Step 1 - Drawing

With the weather getting warmer I thought it would be nice to do a floral painting.

I drew this from a photo I took of a very colorful hibiscus bloom. (Love the ruffled petals!)

This happens a lot. I'll do a really strong, detailed drawing and be quite pleased with it. Then once I start painting, I mess it all up!

Let's hope that's not the case for this latest work-in-progress.

I went all "old school" and listened to Queen's Greatest Hits while drawing this. Hearing Freddie Mercury sing "Don't Stop Me Now" is just chilling in a really great way!

The next step is to add color and take it from there!

...."Don't stop me now ('cause I'm havin' a good time)
Don't stop me now (yes I'm havin' a good time)
I don't want to stop at all."


Kathleen Coy said...

Oooo, what a beautiful start Dean, can't wait to see how this looks with color added. And Freddie Mercury's voice... perfection! :-)

Carolina said...

I'm loving it already, I LOVE plants! (how nerd does that sound? :)
I can totaly relate to your feeling of "messing up" a great drawing. Why does that happen? It's the feeling of the challenge, the fear that we won't be able to deliver, what?
¡Ya me gustarĂ­a verla terminada!

Unknown said...

This is a lovely drawing. Lots of details and movement. Good luck following through. I know just what you mean, Dean. The same thing happens to me, but just keep going and it will turn out right.

naturgesetz said...

So far, so good. From what I've seen of your other work, I'm confident you'll do well with the rest of it.

Dean Grey said...


Regarding Freddie Mercury's voice....perfection indeed!



I love plants too so you're not nerdy in my book. (^_^)

Good points on "messing up". I think it's the fear that things won't turn out right.

And don't worry, I'm in the process of painting this now. La paciencia es una virtud!



Thank you for the encouragement and words of support for this latest drawing.

Let's hope you're right!


Thanks to all three of you ladies!


Unknown said...

Cool! I love seeing artists I admire in progress stuff.

AndyDrewby said...

Nice! Hope all goes well with the painting. Good luck.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I often have the same problem, Dean. But your drawing IS wonderful.... keep going.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for your vote of confidence in me!



Let's hope you like this work-in-progress once it's finished!






Glad you like the drawing and can relate to what I said.


I appreciate all of your comments!


Anonymous said...

Great drawing - and a great song too! Looking forward to seeing it in color - don't worry about messing it up - just paint fearlessly!

Alice Thompson said...


I do want to stop you now. I found out years ago the best way for me to not "mess" up a drawing is to skip that step entirely when I paint.

I hope that helps you.


BTW Loved the self portrait. You are a late bloomer it seems with that luscious green and new leaf.

Dean Grey said...

Anna T.!

I'll be as fearless as I can!



Is it possible though for me to do a watercolor painting without a drawing?

I know oil painters "draw" an image with their brush/paints but I never thought about doing that with watercolors before!

I just might try that out!

Glad you like the self-portrait too!


Thanks to both of you ladies!