Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dean Facts!

So it's that time again.....

A chance for you all to learn more than you ever wanted to about myself.

Things you never really needed to know that I'm sharing with you anyway!


The newest installment of "Dean Facts!"
  • When I was 18-years-old I got braces on my teeth and wore them for approximately two years and two months.
  • I once prayed to God to let me die in my sleep.
  • My immediate family were all born with black hair and brown eyes. I was the only one that had blue eyes and dark-blonde hair!
  • I love rainy weather and hate the sun!
  • It seems I always almost miss my train to work. Subconsciously, I think it's because I'm sick of that job already.
That's all this time around. Stay tuned for the next edition!


Carolina said...

Why is it that jobs are so often something to feel sick about? Is it the jobs themselves, or the bosses? mmmm

Dolores said...

Even though we all had blue eyes, my brother and I had blond hair and our parents had brown hair. I use to think we were adopted but I knew we weren't. Hate is a strong word and I have tried to stay away from it but I remember when I was young saying I hate the sun. My reason at the time was that I had to squint too much. I now wear sunglasses.

Gwen Bell said...

Thanks Dean! It's so nice to get to know you a little better. I am so with you on that Rainy Day thing!

Dean Grey said...


In my case it's a combination of both reasons you gave!



Okay, okay. I dislike the sun very, very much. Better?



Yay for rainy days!


I appreciate you three finding out more about myself!


Flower said...

Dean, you are delightful! I love your blog!

I too asked God to let me die but not just once. That was before I learned how to love myself.

Shawna said...

Can I hear the story behind the praying to God to die in your sleep? Was that just in general, eventually? Or did you just have a death wish one night...

There must be SOME story behind that.

Tracey Clarke said...

Time for a job you love!!!! :)

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for joining my blog.

It's nice to know you can relate to my prayer.

Let's hope I too can learn to love myself as you have.



If you take a look at some of my older posts you'll see I suffer from a deep depression.

It was just one of those days feeling so sick of it all that I asked God to take me in my sleep so I could finally be at peace.

I WILL be touching on my depression in greater detail down the road. When it feels right of course.



I agree with you 100%!!

But it's easier said than done finding a job you truly LOVE.

I'm always looking though!


Thanks to all three of you ladies for your input!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Me, too! About the 18 year old with braces! My husband had only a 'braces' me for our first 2 years together!
Glad God sticks to His/Her plans, and not ours...
What did your milkman look like? Kidding....
Rainy weather is more interesting!
I agree about the train - my worst job saw me late or crazily running so I wouldn't be, almost every day!

I like this! Do it again in a while!

Dean Grey said...

Hey Kelley!

Glad you like my facts!

1. Braces suck but they're sure wonderful once they're taken off.

2. I'm kind of glad God stuck to His plan too.

3. Do they even have milkmen anymore?!

4. Rainy weather rules!

5. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one almost missing my train!

I will do more of these down the road.

Thanks for chiming in!


Maggie said...

What a coincidence, I wrote something extremely similar recently...
" I love standing in the rain, but I get depressed when
the sun is gone. When the sun is shining, I hope for rain."

Dean Grey said...


I guess we want what we can't have and when we finally have it, we want something else!

The rain does feel a bit gloomy to me too, but since I suffer from depression it seems to match my personality better than say the cheerful sun.


MartininBroda said...

I like rain too, I like generally exciting weather like thunderstorms, heavy rain... (hope you are well).

Dean Grey said...

Hooray for rain, Martin!