Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dandelions sketch

Isn't it funny how some plants can grow even in the worst conditions and not only survive, but thrive?

Here's is a quick pen and ink sketch I did earlier this afternoon of a clump of dandelions emerging from a crack in the cement.

Most of the blooms were spent....the puffy white seeds ready to be taken by the wind.

The dandelions seemed undaunted by the lack of dirt and less than ideal growing conditions. Their roots were strong and nothing was going to keep them down!

A good metaphor for life, wouldn't you say?


L.Holm said...

perfect metaphor, and fantastic sketch!

Dean Grey said...

Thank you, Liz!


Kathleen Coy said...

I love this sketch, Dean!

It's funny, I was thinking about dandelions today, how prolific they are. All plants, actually. How one plant can spread hundreds of seeds, when it really only needs one to replace itself. I love natures gifts of abundance. Maybe not so much on my lawn though, lol!

artbyakiko said...

Great sketch!
Dandelions are not only tough but also beautiful and their roots have some medicinal value. They deserve more respect, I think.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you like the sketch.

Nice observations too. I guess nature taught dandelions the art of survival.

LOL, not on my lawn either!



I've heard about dandelions' medicinal properties as well. I believe the leaves are edible too.


Thank you both for your input!


Unknown said...

Wow Dean. Wonderful metaphor, wonderful sketch. You're so gifted to see beauty in places most people would overlook!

Carolina said...

Absolutely... perfect coincidence with life (love your sketch, by the way --> plant paintings rule!)

Anonymous said...

I love dandelions and to me they represent many good things; strength, confidence, etc. Very nice sketch!

Paula Villanova said...

What a great sketch AND metaphor! One thing about dandelions...there are plenty of them so you won't run out of models!!!

Peter Lee said...

Hi Dean,
Nice sketch and interesting remarks about dandelions.
Actually there are many testimonials about the dandelions' detoxing effects on your liver - even made by some medical professionals.
You can mix their leaves with other good stuff in your salad bowl. (I've been taking it for years now.) And like you said, you don't have to spend a dime on it - they are everywhere!

Dean Grey said...


Thank you!



Thank you as well!


Anna T.!

I knew you'd appreciate a nature sketch of all bloggers.


Paula!'re right! Dandelions aren't going anywhere!


I appreciate the wonderful comments from all of you!


Dean Grey said...

Peter Lee!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Who knew there were so many interesting facts about dandelions!

Such positive things coming from a common weed!


Katherine said...

Very nice sketch Dean. Are you familiar with the plant drawings of Jim Dine. I think you might enjoy them. We have so many thriving yellow dandelions here in our area we have been joking about harvesting them. Of course the greens and roots are edible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean, yes these dandilions are tenacious plants that i am always warring with in the garden. Having said that I do like your sketch, the quick free movement of ink suits the subject brilliantly. And recently I saw some other paintings of dandilions and was tempted to paint them myself.... ahhh the pros and cons of dandilion season. r.

Dean Grey said...


I haven't heard of Jim Dine until now. I'll definitely check out his work as I love nature drawings.



Glad you like my sketch.

I'm not surprised you saw other dandelion artwork. I guess it's that time of year. Dandelions are everywhere!


Thank you both for your comments!


naturgesetz said...

An evocative sketch, and an excellent metaphor.

Dean Grey said...

Thank you, naturgesetz!


AndyDrewby said...

I love the sketch. Wish I had talent in the art dept. Oh well.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks and welcome to my blog!

Glad you like the dandelion sketch! Don't worry, I'm sure you have talents that make you unique too!