Thursday, April 23, 2009

Up in the sky.....

A wonderfully warm, yet mild spring day here in Chicago!

Now that the sun is becoming more intense the sunsets are getting more elaborate.

Here's a wonderful backyard shot of the sky this evening. Would make a lovely painting, don't you agree?



suze said...

Yes! And congrats on your award.

naturgesetz said...

Very interesting. Possibly more spectacular as far as colors in another half hour to an hour, when the sun was just about to set and gave more oranges and reds. But the cloud formation is impressive.

Unknown said...

in a word... yes!

Anonymous said...

Dean, this is a great photograph. I love the perspective you have achieved here with the lines. But why are here so many poles and wires in your area? We rarely come across so many in one area here in Scotland or perhaps I just haven't looked that carefully. r

Carolina said...

Yes, nice shot...
(for some silly reason I thought it was a dawn instead of a sunset)

Dean Grey said...





I agree with you. The clouds themselves is what made me grab my camera. I love that the sunlight is poking through the dark clouds.

It stormed later in the night so unfortunately not much color showed up as the sun set.



In a word.....thanks!



Good question.

I guess we have so many power lines because Chicago's such a vibrant city! (Hahaha, get it? *lame joke*)

They do seem to be everywhere by where I live though.



The photo does have that morning look to it as well. Don't feel silly.


Thank you all!


artbyakiko said...

Beautiful sky, indeed! Congrats on your Lemonade Award. Well deserved. :)

Dean Grey said...

Thank you, Akiko!


Unknown said...

This reminds me of a photo I shot at dusk in Carolina Beach. I thought the wires created an abstract image. It was also a smart-ass response to some friends who always Photoshopped the wires out of their images.

Dean Grey said...


I love the overhead powerlines. They create an almost web-like canopy that the sky peeks through.