Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pansy sketch and unexpected city colors!

I had to work this weekend and was determined to do some sketching before I started!

It was pretty sunny today in Chicago so I chose a shaded spot near the southwest Loop.

City workers already started filling the downtown street planters so I picked one filled with pansies to draw. Just a simple pen and ink sketch of a solid yellow bloom.

But I noticed something.

Across the alleyway, behind the building on Washington and Franklin Street was a lovely green fire escape. You know how I just love all things I had to get a picture! Here's what it looked like.

The metal ladders, trim, and emergency fire exits were all a soft, slightly muted patina with a hint of kelly green. Just gorgeous!

I actually ended up on private property to get this shot but it was worth it. And yes, I would totally have climbed up the fire escape to get a better look at the color and details if I could! LOL

Just below the escape ladders was a row of fire-engine red dumpsters neatly lining the alley.

Very intense color! Surprisingly clean too!

And right next to this building was a small parking lot. The main pay booth was a shocking yellow! (You can see the fire escape in the distance).

So many bright colors so close to one another. How unexpected! Just wanted to share my nerd-filled discoveries with you all!


Unknown said...

You have such a great eye Dean. I love the images you shared with us.

Pretty darn good Pansy too!

naturgesetz said...

The colors are striking: the fire escape most of all.

Carolina said...

Great findings...

Dolores said...

What a nice compilation of colour in your environment. I really love the green fire escape - very unexpected. I never remember to take my camera with me when I go out. I guess you just had to do something creative and I'm glad you did. The pansie turned out great.

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for checking out my pics!

The pansy was literally just a quick sketch from my sketchbook. Nothing fancy.



I love the fire escape too!



Glad you liked what I found!



I think all of us can find color and beauty in our environments if we look hard enough.

Ever since I started my blog I always make sure to carry my camera with me in case I spot something.

I appreciate the compliment on the pansy too!


Thank you all!


Johnnie Sielbeck said...

what an eye for color!! love the fire escape ladders; how cool that the blue car was parked behind the yellow pay booth -- and who knew Chicago could be that beautiful! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Very cool photos! I never would've found the beauty in those things! Thanks for pointing it out to me! :)

Dean Grey said...


Of course Chicago CAN be that beautiful. Just a lovely city all around.



You're quite welcome!


Thanks to both of you for stopping by!


Carol Nelson said...

How many people see those three colorful things in one glance and it doesn't register? Artists notice and see things differently. Great observations, Dean.

Dean Grey said...

Carol, I completely agree with you!

Artists tend to catch things most people don't even notice.

How great is that!



Mona Diane Conner said...

Dean, that is one fantastic fire escape!

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!

I completely agree! The fire escape looks awesome!