Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nude Female Ink Sketches - Back and Front Pose

Pen and ink on paper - 8" x 10 1/2" (SOLD)

It's Thursday....the day I take my life drawing class! Hooray!

Here are some sketches I did earlier today of the female model.

The first was a back pose (shown above). Simple, soft, and subtle....the way a nude should be IMHO. She lightly arched her back and rested her forehead against the wall.

Pen and ink on paper - 8" x 10 1/2" (SOLD)

The next was a semi-reclining, seated pose. I totally messed up the back leg on this one but like the way the rest of the figure turned out.

Obviously, working in pen and ink leaves little room for error. Once I make a mistake the best I can do is try to camouflage it, leave it be as part of the sketch's "character", or start all over from scratch.

But they are sketches after all so I don't expect them to be perfect.


martha miller said...

Hi Dean

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have you tried working with ink and ink wash yet? It's free-ing to start an ink drawing with a brush and wash, and then work into it with your pen and ink. Another exercise that's great fun is to tape your brush to the end of a long stick, dip it in the ink and draw at arm's length from the easel. FUN!

r garriott said...

Nicely done! You've got a nice pen and ink technique.

Katherine said...

Very nice figure drawings. I love the inclusion of the shadows.

Carolina said...

Hi! I like your art work very much, your blog is very interesting...

Dean Grey said...


Yes, I've worked with ink and brush before. I love the fluidity of the washes.

I failed to mention that the ink sketches are part of an ongoing series. That's why they are all on the same paper, done with the same type of technical pen, and done in the same style.

I'll definitely give the ink washes a try again, if anything to loosen me up before the actual drawing.

Thank you for the suggestions!


R. Garriott!

Thank you for the kind words!


Thanks, Katherine!

I love to include the shadows in my "sketch series". I think it makes the figure more interesting IMHO.


And last, but not least, Carolina!

I appreciate the compliments and am glad to hear you find my blog interesting.

I try my best!


Thank you all for your input!!