Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*Happy Dance* I got a Lemonade Award!

It's been three months since I started this little art blog of mine and it finally happened. I got an award!

Fabio Cembranelli won the Lemonade Award over at his blog, and keeping with the rules, nominated seven other of whom was me!

Funny thing is, earlier in that same day, Sheila, had sent a message offering her Lemonade Award to me via e-mail. Sweet, but technically cheating. Now I got it fair and square! Hooray!

And you know what that means? Now I'm an award-winning artist! Ahahaaha, get it?


The Lemonade Award is given to bloggers that show a positive attitude and/or gratitude. It also exemplifies people who have a willingness to share their ideas, support, and online friendship.

I'm not sure that I qualify for this! If you read my posts you'll see I'm not always the most optimistic person and tend to be very critical of myself. But I have been told by several artists that the constructive comments I leave on their blogs are very helpful so maybe I deserve it for that reason (?).

The rules for the award (though I have seen these change from time to time):

1. Put the lemonade logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 7 blogs that show great gratitude and/or attitude
3. Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post
4. Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog

[Note: I'll leave it up to the winners to decide if they want nominate seven other bloggers (or not) on their own blogs]

In keeping with the above themes, here's my top seven (in no particular order):


--Kelley MacDonald (Kelley MacDonald's Daily Paintings). This fellow painter left some really nice comments on a couple of my more personal posts. We exchanged e-mails and without even asking she offered a lot of help, tips, and suggestions (since I was still new to blogging at the time).

I will always remember that act of kindness!


--Kathleen Coy (Life Earth Sky). Her blog just screams coolness and always cheers me up. "Wordless Wednesday" friggin' brilliant! I should have thought of that!

Her blog would be the one I'd most likely try to copy off of. "Typeless Tuesday" here I come! LOL


--Tascha (Time with Tascha). Her whimsical paintings and dolls are adorable. I dare you not to smile when looking at her latest creations. Such joy and happiness in her work. Too cute!


--Anna T. (See. Be. Draw). See. Be. Draw. That's the premise behind Anna's unique blog. She discusses meditation and focus while drawing....connecting with the subject and being in the moment. Such a wonderful way of looking at things.
How fitting that the Lemonade Award is of a lemonade stand, because Anna launched her own online store based on the teachings found in her blog. The "T" in "Anna T." must stand for "terrific"!


--Susan Beauchemin (Painting Daily). Her subject matter is often of her granddaughter happily playing with other children or close-ups of nature scenes. Her watercolor paintings are fantastic! I love her style so much and am secretly trying to copy it. Shhh.

Oh, and her sister and niece are awesome artists too. Runs in the family I guess!


--Mattias Adolfsson (Mattias Inks). A super-talent here! Such amazing, whimsical illustrations churned out on a daily basis. Fantastical creatures, animals, and everything in must be amazing inside the mind of Mattias!

Witty, clever, and oh-so-unique pen and ink drawings by this modern day master! And his wife is quite the artist herself!


--David Stehle (The Rest Is Still Unwritten). Technically, the only non-artist on my list! I found his blog not that long ago and find it great reading. Lovely writing style and his thought provoking posts often involve the viewing audience which is nice.

He's a go-getter, forward thinker, and an entrepreneur of sorts....and that's just plain sexy to me. Oh, and his dog, Diesel, is a cutie too!


So that's my list.

I'd love to name so many more blogs. There are quite a few I follow religiously. But I could only pick seven and tried to give the award for very specific reasons.

Just know that if I comment on your blog that means I'm interested in what you post and have to say. I genuinely mean that!

Now what are you waiting for? Go check out my winners!


Anonymous said...

congratulations! You more than deserve it so keep being you. best wishes r.

naturgesetz said...

Congratulations, Dean. I only came upon your blog a short time ago, but in that time it seems to me that you've definitely been sharing your ideas, support, and online friendship. So I think it's well deserved.

You definitely are an award-winning artist. :)

tascha said...

HI Dean!
Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet!

Carolina said...

Hey Dean, how cool is that? Congratulations!
I'm going to check your winners sites right now, very interesting stuff you wrote about them...

Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks for the award Dean! It's true--you do leave very encouraging comments. You're always welcome over on my blog.

Dean Grey said...











Thanks to all of you for the support and congratulations!

We have a lot of talent on our blogs and I thought this post would be a great way to showcase just a fraction of that.

Thanks again!


Unknown said...

You won something else too... look at my Monday's post.

Dean Grey said...


Thank you, Sheila!!


Carol Nelson said...

Bravo - well deserved, Dean.

Dean Grey said...

Thank you, Carol!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the award - it's well deserved as you share your journey with all of us! And thanks for passing it on to me as well!!

Dean Grey said...

Thanks Anna!