Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The gift of art.....

The "Queen of leaving comments" (also known as Sheila) had a contest over at her blog last week.

One winner was picked (not me) and another name was chosen as a consolation prize winner (me!). Hooray!!

The anticipation set in. 

There was a grin from ear to ear as I opened up her letter. Here's what arrived in the mail the other day. A neat little ACEO from Sheila herself!

I love the floral design in the background and all the symbolism being used. 

It put an instant smile on my face. To have another artist's work is such a powerful thing. A one-of-a-kind creation....their passion....shared with me.

Isn't this what great art is all about?

Thank you, Sheila!


Unknown said...

You're welcome Dean! I'm glad you like it. The palm is a little chunkier but that's my hand. HUGS!

Dean Grey said...


Yes, I love it!

The fact that it's a painting of YOUR hand makes it that much more special.

Thanks again! I'll always treasure it!


Carolina said...

You're a lucky guy!
Chau... :)

Dean Grey said...

I guess I am lucky....at least in this case, Carolina!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the prize! Very nice hand painting, too!

Anonymous said...

well done Dean. Keep that energy going:) r

Dean Grey said...

Anna T.!

I appreciate the congratulations.



I'll definitely try holding onto that lucky streak!


Thanks to both of you!