Saturday, March 21, 2009

W.I.P. Pears Painting - Step 3 - Panic!!

This stage always seems to come up when I do a painting, doesn't it?

I was feeling kind of depressed earlier in the week. That combined with my lingering cold and me just plain resisting the process, I put my current painting on the back burner.

Unfortunately that isn't always a good plan when working with live fruit (see photo above).

After several long days, the pears started to began turning!

Oh crap, I haven't even finished painting these yet!

The good news? I was able to salvage as much of the pears as I could, blocking in most of the shadows and important details. The rest I should be able to improvise.

Time to finish this still life once and for all so I can toss those rotting pears in the compost bin! Gross!!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I think the finished piece is nice. These pears remind me of the 'props' I leave in the fridge. Hubby's always trying to throw them AWAY!

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate the compliments on the finished pear painting ("Blue and Gold").

I think you and I need our own refrigerator drawer just for our "props"!

How many times has it happened when I wanted to do a painting of an apple or something but found out somebody else already ate it! LOL