Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Resistance is futile.....

No, I'm not reenacting a scene from Star Trek featuring the Borg. I'm referring to a stumbling block many artists face.

I saw my painting pal, MaryAnn, about a week-and-a-half ago. She told me how she hadn't painted in months. She explained that her basement workspace was now too dreary and cramped and went on to talk about switching rooms.

When MaryAnn told me she wasn't sure what the problem was, I said quite frankly, "You're resisting."

It has nothing to do with the space, place, day, time, or anything else. Resistance is a chosen state we place upon ourselves.

God knows this is nothing new to me. Many a time I've gone on cleaning binges around the house, completely organized my socks by style and color, and did practically everything else under the sun but draw and paint in my little studio. But why?

Is it not wanting to start an art project because it might not turn out right? Depression preventing you from enjoying the process? Fear that you can't cut it as an artist? Maybe it's a combination of all of these and so much more.

How do you combat resistance?

Do the complete opposite. When you resist, you are trying to stop the process, so you have to then choose to take action.

I know....easier said than done.

Giving in to resistance makes it harder to take action in the future. Likewise, taking action when you don't feel like it empowers you on those days when you want to stop altogether. 

Maybe the Borg got it right after all....resistance is futile.


Carolina said...

The fear of not being able to deliver...
That's when courage is needed, but when you start, you realize that you ARE able, and all the 'resistance' was nonsense. I think maybe realizing this for like 10 times (?) (or less or more depending on each one) is what it takes to learn what really happens and drop the fear, abandon the resistance. That's when overcoming resistence becomes routine (serĂ¡?...)

Dean Grey said...

Well said, Carolina!

I find myself always resisting a new painting every now and then.

Courage and action are the only real ways to combat it.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Star Trek is pretty cool. I was just reviewing some of your older posts that I've read but haven't reviewed. What are you drawing here? It looks really nice.
Pretty cool pencil, too.
Well, um... This was posted almost exactly two years ago, so I guess... I don't know. I'll stop taking up space.
Luck to you and your friend,

Dean Grey said...


Thanks for looking through my older posts!

The drawing you see was a sketch of a nightshade plant that was growing next to our house.

I loved the shape of the leaves and the bright red berries and had to draw it!