Thursday, March 12, 2009

Field Trip! The Art Institute of Chicago

One of the lions that "guard" The Art Institute of Chicago

A quick update everyone!

I had a nasty head cold this past Monday which prevented me from doing anything art related. It's at that annoying runny nose stage but my cold is almost gone. Thank goodness!

With my free time this week, I decided to go to the Art Institute with blogging pal, Justin. Thanks again, J!

We got to see the "Becoming Edvard Munch" exhibit which runs until April 26th, 2009. I was a bit disappointed at the museum's layout. Many of the rooms in the Munch exhibit were quite dark. I mean literally dark. The walls were gray and some of the signs next to the paintings were gray as well. Talk about hard to read!

I would've liked to learn more about Edvard Munch's thought process and what made him tick. There were mentions of his alcoholism and his sister's death but I'd really love to know more about his mental disorder, the deep-rooted anxieties, the "electrification" treatments. Something I could really sink my teeth into....something more to munch on (bad pun! Ahahhahaha).

The rest of the museum was much more cheerful and interesting IMHO.

I do admit to always feeling up and down when going to see famous works of art. I'm inspired for sure that such great paintings can be made and yet I feel kind of depressed because my own work is really kind of shitty and meaningless compared to something like a Mary Cassatt painting.

Still, I hadn't been there in a while and being flooded with all the artwork did make me want to start on another painting right away.

Time to get started!


JUSTIN said...

Awesomely bad pun! We still need to get up to the the 2nd level of the Rookery!

Dean Grey said...

Ah, the Rookery! I almost forgot about that. The second floor will be mine yet! *cue overly exaggerated, evil laugh*