Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nude Male Ink Sketch - Back Pose

Pen and ink on paper - 8" x 10 1/2" (SOLD)

Did this sketch last week from a live model, highlighting a male nude's back and lower body.

I liked the pose that was used. Looks strong and powerful. It was easy getting the proportions right since the model was muscular and had a defined build.

The ink drawing has a very loose, rough feel because obviously the model couldn't hold this position forever. Time was of the essence!

It's meant to give the impression of the male form rather than be a fully rendered piece of art.

A standard technical pen was used to sketch the male figure. The shadows in the artwork were created using hatching and cross-hatching techniques. And I picked a warm neutral color for the paper which I think works best for this type of nude drawing.


Gwen Bell said...

Your figure drawing is excellent! I love all 3 of them (this & the 2 women). And you did it in PEN! Mine would be a blobby mess even in pencil. You have true talent, Sir!

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate the compliments.

I love rendering the human figure. The nudes allow me to study human anatomy while training me to be more technical at the same time. Both things I really want to focus on at the moment.



Captain Nemo ;-) said...

Hey.. I love the work.. just wanted to let you know

Dean Grey said...

Captain Nemo!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know!!