Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost and found.....

It had just started to rain while I was walking down Michigan Avenue and look what I found. Lying there on the ground, about to get blown by the wind, was this small piece of art!

At first glance I thought it was litter but once I got close enough and saw all the colors I knew it was something special.

Measuring roughly 4 1/2" x 6", the artwork was done on what seems to be standard sketchbook paper in a combination of watercolors and marker.

The picture is a of simple figure so I assumed it was done by a child. But upon closer examination you can see there is some real thought that went into the organized blocks of color so perhaps this was done by an adult.

It had a very primitive, folk/outsider art, abstract feel all rolled into one. The artwork was about to get destroyed in the rain and the all the colors just spoke to me so I snatched it up and took it home.


Steevo said...

Isn't there some "found art" blog or project or something.

PBS special.

steevo in cali

Dean Grey said...

Hello Steevo!

I've never heard of a "found art" blog or PBS special.

If you have any info on that feel free to send it my way.



Anonymous said...

It's perty (okay, so I'm not the most qualified to professionally critique art). But yeah man, pretty cool.

Dean Grey said...

Thanks James!

I was really excited when I found this. Is it the greatest thing I've seen? No....but it is colorful and unique!

And that's good enough for me.


naturgesetz said...

The complexity is interesting. It's as if several different people had a hand in it — one for the drawing of the person, another for the blocks, and possibly another for the other coloring. And then it looks as if there's some lettering at the top and a diagonal across the face that may be unrelated to everything else. A lot going on, anyway.

Dean Grey said...


I totally agree with you!

Since I found it lying on the ground, I really have no clue how many people were behind making this....if it was just one or several.

But you're right. A lot is going in this deceptively simple piece of art!